CCAL Matchwits


2017-2018 Season: Roughly late October through April
Available To: 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls
Cost: $40
Online Registration: Click Here
Head Coach:  Allison Wise, Email

What is Matchwits?


Think of Matchwits like team Jeopardy. The season starts out with all teams taking a written test, which determines their initial scores, and seeding for the head to head rounds. Three teams of 3 to 4 student-brainletes are then asked questions from a variety of subject areas. If a team answers correctly they receive a point, and if not, the other teams get an opportunity to answer. If no teams can answer the question, the parents get an opportunity to answer (although their scores don’t count, it’s fun to razz the kids). After each round, the scores for each team are added to their season total. Team results are cumulative through the year, and a winner will be decided after the last meet. It is possible that not all participants will be able to be at all meets, but that’s OK! Students that have participated in this program have very much enjoyed both the practice time, and the meets!

Practice Information

MA: Mr. Menefee’s Room
We would like students that are involved in other after school activities to have the opportunity to compete on our Matchwits team as well! We will practice during 7th & 8th grade lunch periods on Tuesdays & Thursdays, but we may also hold a practice at the end of the school day occasionally to accommodate kids that cannot make the lunch practices. If a student cannot make all practice sessions, they will not be penalized in any way. We’ll let you know specific days and times for after school practices if we decide to schedule any.


Meet Schedule**

We will plan to have 4 meets throughout the year, dates/time frames are given below.
Date: Day: Start Time: Location:
November 10th – Meet #1 Friday 4:00 PM James Irwin
Manitou 1 = 77
Vanguard 1 = 66
Atlas 1 = 56
Banning Lewis 2 = 55
Vanguard 2 = 54
Ellicott 2 = 50
James Irwin 1 = 48
Manitou 2 = 46
Monument 1 = 43
Peyton 1 = 43
Banning Lewis 1 = 42
James Irwin 2 = 40
Atlas 2 = 37
Ellicott 1 = 30
December 1st – Meet #2 Friday 4:00 PM Vanguard
Result: TBD
February 23rd – Meet #3 Friday 4:00 PM Monument Academy
Result: TBD
Quarter 4 – Meet #4 TBD TBD TBD
Result: TBD

* Non-League Event
** Subject to change


Necessary Forms

Matchwits participants are not required to have an athletics physical on file, but we do need the rest of the paperwork filled out. Visit our Athletics Page to obtain information on all other necessary forms