Monument Academy High School (MAHS) October 2017 Update

The MA Board of Directors wanted to provide all shareholders with a Monument Academy High School (MAHS) update.

Since the Board’s decision in January 2017 to move forward with building a high school, the following has taken place:

Extensive discussions with D38, D49 and Douglas County about application deadlines, strategic fit, their abilities to assist MA in this process, possible contract language and prospective properties has resulted in our efforts to pursue an expansion scenario with our current authorizer, Lewis-Palmer District 38.

MA has also pursued potential short-term and long-term financing for this project. The financing capacity has been determined by the Charter School Facilities Assistance Corporation to be approximately $13,000,000 which will be used to finance the land, new building and furniture.  MAHS has engaged Grey Mountain Charter Financing to evaluate and secure the financing sources for this project.

Since the focus of our application will be with District 38, Monument Academy has identified at least 3 locations within the Lewis-Palmer School District boundaries. All three locations are within 5 miles of our current property.  We hope to be able to share more specific information about these locations once we have reached an agreement.

MA’s formal application (100+ pages) to expand into a high school with grades 9-12 was submitted on August 29, 2017. Superintendent Brofft, at the direction of the Lewis-Palmer Board of Education, has calendared public hearings for our application on Tuesday, October 10th and Thursday, November 16th. Both hearings are required by Colorado statute as part of the application process.  The October 10th hearing will be held as a part of the District Accountability Advisory Committee (DAAC) meeting at the District 38 Administration Office located at 146 N. Jefferson Street in Monument.  The November 16th hearing will be held prior to the District 38 Board of Education’s scheduled meeting also at the District 38 Administration Office.  It is likely that the D38 Board of Education will vote during their November 16th meeting on the application.  More information concerning the hearings will be forthcoming.

The fundamental components of our application remained unchanged from our parent presentations held in the fall of 2016 and the spring of 2017. However, we have secured additional corporate support for the internship component of the MAHS Leadership Academy and have been able to further define the requirements of UCCS, Pikes Peak Community College and Grand Canyon University for our concurrent enrollment program. We have already implemented the “House System” for our middle school students which will make the transition to high school that much easier. As we have taken under consideration these factors mentioned in the points above, it has been determined that a start date for Monument Academy High School would be the fall of 2019.

Please be assured that the Board and Administration are giving their full attention to this exciting possibility and we will communicate updates as they become available.

On behalf of the Board,
Scott Saunders
Board President