New High School

January 10, 2017 Update

On January 9th, the Board voted to proceed with applications to seek authorization for a Monument Academy High School.

The decision to move forward was based on several factors (while these were not all of the factors considered, they were significant):

  • Several individual members of the Board and Administration have met with representatives of District 38, District 49 and Douglas County.
  • The Board received input from MA’s legal counsel and bond counsel concerning structure and financing this effort.
  • Parent comments as well as the number of Letters of Intent to enroll in a MA High School were shared with the Board.
  • The Board has reviewed MA’s draft application.

The MA Board, in its decision to expand, sought the best situations and solutions that fit MA’s current philosophy, the high school’s proposed academic intent and parent wishes.   As such, the Board approved applying simultaneously to District 38, District 49 and Douglas County.  The application windows for all three districts would mean MA filing in the late summer early fall.

It was also determined that all three districts did not see an easy path to open in 2017.  Thus, the applications will reflect an opening date of no sooner than the 2018-2019 school year.

A High School Information Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, February 16th at 6:00p.m. at which time additional information will be given and afford you an opportunity to ask questions.

The Board remains excited and confident that the future of Monument Academy K-8 will continue its pursuit of excellence and the real possibility of a Monument Academy High School will provide yet another choice for parents and students of the Tri-Lakes area.

December 6, 2016 Update

For two decades Monument Academy (MA) has met the lofty goals it has set for itself, and currently provides a top quality education to its students. MA consistently ranks high on student achievement metrics, and maintains a lengthy waitlist due to community demand. It is the collective belief of MA that a defined, traditional, culturally-literate and classically based curriculum, taught effectively and engagingly, with an overarching emphasis on character, prepares students to become active, responsible citizens.

After many years of providing a high quality education to students in grades K through 8, the leadership and community believe that now is the time to expand and provide a high school option for students that focuses on academic achievement, character development, and leadership. It will be the vision of Monument Academy High School (“MAHS”) to Build Leaders for Today for our Future Tomorrow.

While many of the characteristics that have made MA great will remain at the core of an expansion to MAHS, it is within the vision to expand upon the solid foundation laid for students by providing a unique educational program, tailored toward high school age students. MAHS will provide a unique leadership program, with an emphasis on the servant-leadership model, to all of its students. Students will build a leadership portfolio with culminating projects/performances in their graduation year. MAHS will provide a classical approach to high school education that emphasizes use of original or primary source texts, using the Socratic Method, and awakening the inquisitive minds of students to gain knowledge. As part of its leadership program students will enroll in a Leadership Academy, being offered in partnership with renowned Strata Leadership, in grades 9 and 10 that will cover topics like teamwork, trust, communication and listening skills, time and stress management, and setting and reaching goals. In grades 11 and 12 students will have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned and get real life training, skills and experience through an internship program that will place students with one of MAHS’s community partners.

MAHS’s students will be provided with opportunities to earn college credit through a concurrent enrollment program, partnering with respected providers like U.C.C.S. and Grand Canyon University. These offerings will be balanced with a full performing arts program as a potential career path as students enter their 11th and 12th grade years. Rather than students being faced with the prospect of dropping out of school to pursue artistic endeavors, MAHS will actively seek students who are oriented toward an arts education and provide them with the leadership skills, like time management and goal setting, coupled with robust opportunities to pursue arts as a vocation through an internship with a community partner. MAHS will round out its vision by offering diverse extra-curricular opportunities for athletics, writing, technology, business leadership, and many other programs desired by its student population.

After careful and thoughtful planning, we have developed an initial five year plan that anticipates the opening of a high school that will serve not only students who attend MA during their K-8 schooling, but also to provide a unique opportunity to all high school age students in the area. It is the collective belief of MA that a defined traditional, culturally-literate and classically based curriculum, taught effectively and engagingly, with an overarching emphasis on character, prepares students to become active, responsible citizens.

MAHS anticipates starting in 2017-18 with only 9th grade students, and expanding by one grade level each year, with approximately 100 students per grade, until the school serves students at all levels of high school. Our plan projects the following enrollment numbers:

Year 1: Approximately 100 students ninth grade
Year 2: Approximately 200 students in ninth and tenth grade
Year 3: Approximately 300 students in ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade
Year 4: Approximately 400 students in ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade
Year 5: Approximately 400 students in ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade

The mission and tenets that have served MA so well in realizing its vision to develop free-thinking, well-rounded citizens of character will remain the same as we expand into a high school. MA receives numerous requests each year from students and families desirous of a high school option that continues to build upon the foundation that has been laid during their time at MA. We are now responding to this demand by seeking to expand and open MAHS.

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