Monument Academy High School (MAHS) Approved – November 2017 Update

The MA Board of Directors wanted to provide all shareholders with a Monument Academy High School (MAHS) update.

On November 16, 2017, at the 2nd public hearing for Monument Academy’s High School application, the District 38 Board of Education voted by resolution and unanimously approved our application for Monument Academy High School (MAHS).

Monument Academy will now negotiate a revision to our current contract with District 38 as our authorizer to include grades 9-12.  By Colorado statute, this process must be concluded in 90 days.  Once we have agreed to contract terms, MA will begin to acquire the property for the new high school.  Simultaneously, we will begin the process for facility planning which will include a build/design approach.  We have already been working for several months in the background, putting necessary pieces into place to expedite our going forward.

The Board wishes to express its sincere gratitude to our application team.  Dr. Griffin’s leadership was invaluable to MA receiving such a quick approval.  The formal application was submitted on August 29, 2017 – a mere 49 days ago.  Dr. Davis’ academic experience enabled MA to submit an application that received high marks from District 38’s outside reviewers as well as a recommendation from the D38 District Accountability Advisory Committee (DAAC) for approval.

The current Board is in debt to our former board members who over the last several years have put MA on the right strategic course to successfully obtaining approval by casting a vision that was big, bold and student-centered. Also, many thanks to our legal team of Brad Miller and Tim Farmer who worked tirelessly on the application as well as Russ Caldwell, MA’s Bond Counsel who has already made significant inroads towards procuring the needed financing.  Last, but not least, the Board thanks Lis Richard, who before leaving, MA created the academic core of what will become Monument Academy High School.  Please know the out pouring of support from our parents, students and community members all had a part in our success.

Stay tuned, as we will continue to update you on our progress.

On behalf of the Board,

Scott Saunders