Uniform Policy

Since 1996, Monument Academy has required a uniform for students.  The school board, administration and teachers agree with much of the research in regard to the positive learning environment that is created when students wear uniforms.  We also hold to the idea that uniforms remove many of the distractions caused by name brands, different styles, and other apparel related issues allowing students to focus on their academics.

It is school policy that students wear clothing in line with the grade specific uniform guidelines.  This is not a dress code but rather a uniform.  The uniform guidelines are in affect every day of the school year.  There will be some days designated as “Denim Days” or “Fun Dress/Choice Dress Days.”  Those days will be announced in advance via Lynx News and on the school website.  Guidelines for those days will be announced at the appropriate time.

Requiring a uniform is one of the distinctions of our school and we need your help for it to be upheld.  We ask for parent support in upholding the uniform guidelines.

Uniform FAQs

Do you have questions concerning MA’s uniform guidelines.  Click on Uniform FAQs to see common questions asked or submit your own question via email.

Uniform Guidelines by Grade

School preferred vendors are French Toast, Lands End and Educational Outfitters.  The school has reviewed all products offered by these companies and selected products that to provide sufficient choices of styles and fits for students.

French Toast


School Code: QS5QVJI

Online order only

Educational Outfitters


No School Code Needed

Online order only

Lands End


School Code:  900030560

Online Order Instructions

In-store shopping located in Centennial, CO or in Sears stores

Parents who choose to shop from a non-preferred vendor are responsible to choose items that match the styles, fabrics and colors of preferred vendor items.  If there is any doubt on any item, please keep receipts and tags and bring the item in to the office for review before wearing the item.
Spirit wear may be purchased online through the PTO Spirit Wear store.  Follow this link for the online store: 
The school administration understands that as students enter middle school, they want to express themselves more with their clothing.  There are some areas in the uniform guidelines that are more relaxed compared to elementary grades.  However, MA remains committed to the need for a uniform in middle school where respect, character, modesty and integrity can be demonstrated by our students in how they dress.


Elementary teachers will be responsible to communicate uniform violations to parents.  Middle school parents will receive communication from the Middle School Dean if a uniform violation was written for their child.