Assessment Refusal Deadline Approaching!

Monument Academy will begin administering the Colorado State Standardized Assessments as mandated by law starting Friday, 4/12/19. Online Assessment Refusals must be completed by parents that wish to excercise their right to refuse to have their child/children participate in mandated standardized assessments. We ask that parents complete the online assessment refusal by Friday, 3/22/19 so that we may prepare effectively to administer the assessments to those students that will complete them. Please visit the following links for detailed information regarding the assessment schedule, changes to the normal school schedule, and information related to the refusal of Colorado State Standardized Assessments. There is a large amount of information, but the Spring Assessments at a Glance page will give you a good start.

General information about assessments administered at Monument Academy throughout the year can be found at:

Links to our Assessment Refusal: Frequently Asked Questions page and Online Assessment Refusal Instructions are found below, or can be picked up at the school’s main office.
* Assessment Refusal: Frequently Asked Questions
* Online Assessment Refusal Instructions

Click below to be taken directly to the Online Assessment Refusal Form:
* Online Assessment Refusal

Please contact the Assessment Coordinator with any questions.

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