MA Board of Directors Election – Call for Candidates

What small actions can we take to positively affect the world around us? Our community?  Our kids?  Charter schools ask and answer this question on a daily basis.

The election of Board members is slated for May and serving as a Monument Academy Board of Director member is one of the most important responsibilities a parent can undertake. If elected, you and your fellow board members will establish educational goals and policies that will help shape the future of our school, our community and our society.

Being a board member is a complex and sometimes frustrating job. But it is also rewarding as you watch students achieve, succeed and lead happy, productive lives as a result of an environment you’ll help to provide.

Monument Academy Board of Director members are elected for three year terms and open seats are staggered to help ensure consistency and continuity. The are two open seats for this year’s election.

If you are interested in devoting your time and talents to meeting this challenge and want more information concerning eligibility, deadlines to file, Board responsibilities and time commitments, please contact Don Griffin, our Executive Director ( or speak to any current Board member.  Additional information concerning the current business of the Board may be found on MA’s School Board web page (

Each candidate will need to file their intent to have their name placed on the ballot no later than April 26th. Your intent to be a candidate may be filed by letter or e-mail with the Monument Academy Executive Director.

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