Volunteer Parent Driver Registration

Monument Academy does not have regular access to bus service and often relies on parent volunteers to transport students to/from field trips and competitive activities/events. If you are available to help, even if only occasionally, please register for the Volunteer Parent Driver Registration Program. Registration for this program will place you on a list of approved drivers that can help transport students to any school sponsored activities/events. This registration must be completed once each school year so a registration from last year will no longer be valid. Once you register in this system you can drive for any school related functions during the 2019-2020 school year. You can register here:

MA Volunteer Parent Driver Registration

You must have a scanned-in copy of your Driver’s License and Auto Insurance, plus a scanned-in and completed “Permission to Release Driver Records to Self or Another Person” form which will release records the school’s Director of Human Resources. The form is available here:

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