West Campus (Elementary School)

West Campus Back-to-School Night sessions will be held virtually from West Campus Classrooms on Tues, Wed, & Thurs evenings; Sept. 15th, 16th , & 17th; one @5:30 p.m. and one @6:30 p.m. each night, according to the following schedule:

Tues, 15th – K, 5
Wed, 16th – 1, 4
Thurs, 17th – 2, 3

Teachers will invite their class’ families via email.

East Campus (Middle and High School)

Our East Campus Back-To-School Night is going to look different this year! You will still get all of the same great information from your student’s teachers, but it will be in the format of posted videos. Using the new vocabulary we’ve all become accustomed to, it will be an asynchronous Back-To-School Night!

The benefit of hosting the information in this format is that you can choose the timing that works for you. Video clips will be posted on our website here by the afternoon of Monday, September 14. Simply select the video for each teacher on your student’s schedule. Please keep in mind tht this link is only accessible to your students’ @monumentacademy.net accounts.

A potential draw-back to a non-live format is that you may want to ask some general questions. To remedy that, we have included this form for questions you have about your student’s class and procedures. Teachers will still be giving their typical Back-To-School night talk, but please submit any questions so that each teacher will be sure to include the answers. Submit the form as many times as you have questions for teachers!

If you have questions that are specific to your student, please reach out to your student’s teacher by phone or email.