Dear Monument Academy Families,

Last night, Channel 9 News in Denver and the Denver Post reported that Monument Academy has had an “outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases, one staff and one student.” We have confirmed with the El Paso County Health Department that we do not have any positive cases at Monument Academy for any staff or students this time. None of our staff have reported a positive case, nor have any Monument Academy parents reported a positive case in their student.  This report is false.

The contact case report found on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) reflects cases from the entirety of the pandemic; however, Monument Academy is not aware of any positive cases reported at any time during the pandemic.  The El Paso County Public Health Department does not have any record of any positive cases for Monument Academy.  We will inquire into this CDPHE report.

Please rest assured that Monument Academy takes the safety of your children and our staff very seriously and we would be the first to report to you if we were notified of any positive cases.  Please know that Monument Academy will always share credible information with our parents as it is our desire to keep our school open and operating safely for all students and staff.  We work in collaboration with the El Paso County Health Department and D38, both of which are extremely supportive and responsive, to assist in responding immediately in identifying possible exposures so to ensure the safest school environment possible.  We are and will be cooperative in following the processes and protocols outlined for schools in the event of any identified positive cases.

Please know that in the event of a positive case with students or staff, you will be informed immediately and directly from Monument Academy Administration.


Christianna Herrera

Chief Operating Officer