Dear Eighth-graders and Eighth-grade families,

We are currently in our district’s open enrollment period for declaring your intent for enrollment for high school next year. Many of you have already turned your forms in. Thank you! If you are still deciding where you will attend high school next year, the final date to submit your intent is February 5th. Please reach out to our Director of Admissions or me if you have questions you’d like answered before submitting your form.

Where to go to high school is a big decision and one that I know our families do not take lightly! There are many things to consider. I want to share a bit more about our high school, hoping that it will help your decision-making process.

Currently, we have 24 freshmen, and they are a great bunch! It has been so fun to get to know them even better, and I am thankful we have been able to sustain in-person learning with them on a four day a week basis. Monument Academy High School is fully accredited, and a graduate from MA will be prepared for college, career, and citizenship. We will offer concurrent enrollment next year, which means that students will be able to get college credits for some high school classes they choose to take.

As new programs often do, we began small. Yet, even with our small size, we offered a variety of courses – including honors credit and a continuation of the fine arts program and elective course progressions that students have enjoyed in middle school.

Currently, high school students have the options of Choir, Strings, Band, Art, Drama, PE, Yearbook, Latin, and Spanish, Claymation 2, Tech and Photo, Leadership, and Project Lead the Way computer science courses. As interest and class size warrant, we will add new elective offerings based on a student interest survey. Current plans include adding business classes, computer classes, engineering classes, science electives like astronomy, and expanding with unique drama options for high school students.

We continue in classical education with English and history courses that focus on western civilization and western literature in the freshman year. Freshman students can take Biology or Earth Science as their science credit, and they choose Pre-Algebra, Algebra. Geometry, Algebra 2, or Pre-Calculus as math choices.

Our high school students engage in ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) that progresses yearly. The yearly leadership course is the cornerstone of the ICAP plan. Students explore leadership qualities in self, groups, and organizations, and through interest and career inventories, begin formulating their career plans, which they reassess yearly.

High school students progress in the Peak System from mountain peaks to collegiate peaks. The leadership opportunities become even more robust in the high school years, as our high school leaders also mentor the middle school leaders.

My very favorite part of Monument Academy is our community. Our teachers care deeply about their students. Our students are so fun to be around! They have more freedom as high school students and they have risen to the expectations. And of course, our families are partners who are active in support of our school.

Here are some of those testimonials:
“MA high school is different from MA middle school both academically and socially. Academicwise, there are more challenging assignments from classes that you get to choose for your core subjects, and you get a little more homework. Socially, we all have a ton of fun together, and basically, we’re all friends (though this may be because we have a small class).”

“It is more independent.”

“We have free dress, the classes are set up differently, the class size is smaller.”

“It is much smaller than other schools so there is more one on one connections between the students and teachers.”

“All the teachers are amazing and really care about our grades and will bend over backwards to help you.”

“Being a character first school really makes a difference on what teachers care about.”

“My favorite thing about MAHS is how I feel valued and appreciated. The teachers at Monument Academy are definitely people I can rely on. They care more about how I am than how my grades are. The teachers are my favorite part.”

“The teachers actually care about their students. They meet us where we are at. They are always willing to give extra help.”

In addition, we issued a parent survey through our SAAC committee for our high school. The results speak loudly! Here is a link to the results page on our website:

Our vision, and my heart, is for Monument Academy to be an integral part of your student’s journey to a flourishing life.

Please reach out if you have further questions!

Warmest Regards,
Julie Seymour
Principal, Middle and High School