MA Community,
Happy 2021! To kick off the New Year, the MA Board and Administration met on Wednesday, January 6, for a work session focused on setting goals for 2021. We are excited for what the future brings for Monument Academy and hold tight to the responsibility of protecting our precious school.

Looking toward the future does not negate what the organization has accomplished during this pandemic. However, we must move forward with confidence in 2021 and stay true to Monument Academy’s mission: To provide a challenging, content-rich, academic program offered within an engaging, caring, and positive learning environment.

The Board voted on and approved two primary goals for 2021. In keeping with our mission, student academic success remains a top priority, and goal number one is to continue to set Monument Academy apart academically. This includes continuing intervention already in place to ensure our students show growth toward recovery from the nationwide pandemic related academic gaps.

Our second goal for 2021 is to keep Monument Academy financially sound. Monument Academy has been blessed with strong leaders who were able to build up a large cash reserve. This rainy day fund allowed the Board to make financial decisions that kept MA running smoothly in 2020-21. The Board agrees that our 2021-22 budget must put MA back into a favorable financial position to replenish the reserve fund for the future.

Frankly, to achieve this goal, MA must grow our student numbers. The Board set a goal for MA to grow by 250 students (across all grades K-10). This will support our long-term goal of being financially stable and grow our reserve fund, rather than dipping into it during these difficult times. We want to assure you that the Board is committed to maintaining the foundation on which Monument Academy was built; small class sizes, core knowledge curriculum, character development, and academic excellence will remain our focus.

As part of the Monument Academy organization, you can help us achieve this goal. Word of mouth is our best form of advertising. We appreciate you telling your friends and neighbors about MA and encouraging them to check it out! It truly is a pleasure representing such a wonderful school. As always, we appreciate and encourage your feedback.

You can view the full work session on the Board YouTube page, and more detail on the 2021 Board goals is attached.

In Service,
MA Board Board of Directors