We need both a baby/toddler photo (1) and a short dedication (150 characters) to wish your 8th grader well.  This will be featured in the portraits section of the book.

Please click here to upload a photo and/or add your dedication.

Yearbook Layout - 8th Grade

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I will update the list each Friday by noon.

Click here to purchase your students copy of the yearbook.
Because inventory is expensive, we do not order extra books.
We only order books for the students who pre-order.
Sometimes we get a few extra from the plant but I don’t want you to count on that.

Lastly, because space is limited, we are offering our 8th grade parents ⅛ page to purchase and create your own dedication. Cost is $20 and you do that through this online portal.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you,

Melissa Johnson
Middle School Yearbook Advisor