Dear Monument Academy Community,

We have an exciting opportunity in our partnership together to educate our children!  Monument Academy has recently joined the Education Alliance of Colorado (EAC). This alliance was formulated by twelve local charter schools, including MA.  The mission of the EAC is to give voice to the unique challenges our charter schools face in this geographic area.

This Alliance is a grassroots effort meant to empower our families to better protect and preserve the educational freedom that is so important to us.  By working together with the EAC, MA families will have a greater ability to help shape the public policies that affect our school.  These efforts will require persistent and ongoing engagement, and we have already begun our first fight for change.

The Alliance is currently working on an appeal to our state and county health departments, along with our governing and legislative bodies, to better formulate the processes for school quarantines.  The desired goal for all is to keep our students in school.  However, the current imposed protocols make it exceedingly difficult to maintain consistent in-person learning when there is a positive or probable case identified.

We have compared our data with the data published by public health and have found that there is extraordinarily little, if any, evidence of in-school related transmission.  It is our hope that as a united group representing more than 12,000 students in this area, we will be able to share our experiences, our challenges, and our proposed solutions to these difficult circumstances.  The EAC gives voice to the respective school leaders who have been striving to maintain in-person learning for our students since the start of the school year.

Please refer to the attached informational flyer for more details about the EAC.  We are asking our parents to stand with us by answering this call to action. There are many educational fronts which need voices to protect our children’s’ education and our parents’ right to choose.  By uniting our voices, we believe we will be heard.  We hope that you will sign up today and stand with us on this.  To do so, please click the link here:

Partnering together with you,

The Monument Academy Board of Directors