Dear MA Families,

What an exciting time of the year! School starts next week, and the staff is busy preparing for the students. I’m looking forward to a great start to the school year and having students back in the building. Teacher planning and preparation are full steam ahead. Monument Academy is poised for a wonderful year despite the tragedy, challenges, and roadblocks we have experienced this summer. Let’s pull together to plan and expect excellence in the various aspects of our school.

We continue to get questions about COVID protocols. As we communicated earlier, we plan to start school as close to normal as possible. This means no masks, cohorts, or spatial distancing are required. We will not be requiring vaccines for staff or students. The position of MA is vaccinations are a private medical decision made by individuals or families; hence, MA will not be involved in this confidential medical information. We also hope students will not pressure other students to disclose their choices on this or any other medical issue. We do ask that students stay home when showing any symptoms of illness. For many districts and schools last year, “staying home” proved to be a highly effective strategy and helped reduce cold and flu season. Parents, thank you for helping.

If we have confirmed COVID cases in the school, we will follow the quarantine protocols in place at the time, as communicated to us by health officials. Hopefully, we have very few cases. Maybe we will have none, which would be fantastic!

I hope that all our students, staff, and parents share my excitement for the start of the school year. Being together again is just around the corner. I believe we will have a wonderful 21-22 school year. It is exciting to be part of a growing, energetic school.

Want a sneak peek into the future? Keep an eye out for information and plans concerning the second building phase of East campus. Coming in 60-90 days.

Ready to launch the 21-22 school year,

Merlin Holmes

Monument Academy Chief Operating Officer