Our Mission Statement

The mission of Monument Academy is to provide a challenging, content-rich, academic program offered within an engaging, caring, and positive learning environment.  Established on a solid foundation of knowledge, Monument Academy emphasizes academic excellence, respect, responsibility, character and exemplary citizenship.

Our Vision

Monument Academy exists to educate all students in the journey of becoming well-rounded, flourishing individuals. Passion and engagement permeate our school community and instill a joy for life and learning. We value security, character, connections, growth, and excellence.


  • We are vigilant about keeping our school community physically safe
  • We create a compassionate and supportive environment to protect emotional well-being


  • We model integrity, respect, and joy
  • We own the choices we make and the results that follow


  • We build relationships so that all are valued and have a sense of belonging
  • We relate knowledge and skills to everyday life
  • We contribute to our local, national, and global communities


  • We learn from the past, value the present, and equip for the future
  • We embrace mistakes and cultivate a risk-taking environment
  • We foster creativity, learning, and academic progress


  • We strive to do and be our best
  • We pursue wisdom, goodness, beauty, and truth

Vision Night Presentation 2-22


Monument Academy, a “Public School of Choice,” is a Charter School located in Monument, Colorado, and is the only charter school in Lewis Palmer District 38. In 1995, a group of parents came together believing that they could create a school where high academic standards, small class sizes, and respect and responsibility are valued and emphasized. Lewis-Palmer Charter Academy (renamed Monument Academy in 2000) was founded in 1996.

The first year opening enrollment was approximately 180 students. We have steadily grown since 1996 to the current school year, offering classes to Preschool through 10th Grade students. We are continuing to carry the torch of a rigorous academic curriculum with small class sizes in a caring community environment.

Since Monument Academy’s founding, we have remained true to our mission and vision by effectively educating students in a caring atmosphere that includes high standards and expectations. Our test scores have remained high even though as a charter school we operate on less funding than other public schools.

As a charter school we are a publicly funded, tuition-free school (with the exception of Preschool) created by parents, teachers, and community members for the purpose of creating a distinctive school. We are required to meet or exceed district and state academic standards, as well as abide by all state and federal non-discrimination, health and safety laws.

Our current enrollment has surpassed nine-hundred students with a staff of over one-hundred dedicated professionals. We comprise nearly 15% of our entire district enrollment. Through our contract with District 38, we enjoy a collaborative and communicative relationship of mutual respect. District 38 is a high-performing district of which Monument Academy contributes in stellar fashion.