Board Candidates 2019

Chris Dole

If we say that our kids are the future, and education is one of the most important elements in their development process, then as parents we should be actively involved in their education. Sending them to the school next door may or may not be the right choice. Driving your child to/from a school that is not the closest option and doesn’t have a bus system is a conscious decision you make and with good reason. You know that this choice requires more from you as a parent.

As parents to three young girls, two of which are already part of the Monument Academy family and a third on her way, my wife and I are committed to being actively involved in their education. Monument Academy is not the closest option for our kids. We chose Monument Academy due to the foundation, culture, professionals and principles by which it is defined. As an entrepreneur and business owner I realize that our product is offered by many competitors. I also recognize that our level of personalization to the product is what allows our company to shine No child is standard. Monument Academy and its staff provide that higher level of personalization to our children which in turn produces a higher level of confidence within our children and trust in the staff by us the parents. Monument Academy students shine. We know our kids are being loved, we know they are being protected and we know they are being educated by a curriculum supported by teaching professionals that allow for each student’s learning ability to be understood and optimized. The Board of Directors does not define the school, nor does it run the school. The Board of Directors helps to keep the school moving in a specific direction through questioning and advisement. I believe in Monument Academy and therefore I am seeking a position on the Monument Academy Board of Directors to help ensure Monument Academy continues to provide our kids with the amazing education and experience it already does and how it does it.

Karen Hoida

Last summer, my husband, daughter, and I moved to this area from Mead, Colorado. In our list of priorities, finding the right school ranked at the top of the list even before finding the right house. Monument Academy was exactly the type of school that we were hoping to find. Accordingly, my desire to run for the Monument Academy School Board stems first from the fact that I believe in the philosophy of the school and wholly support its vision for future growth. Although my daughter has only been at Monument Academy for one year, we have experienced first-hand the quality of the curriculum and the staff’s commitment to the children. Further, I am excited about the planned high school and the choice that it will offer students and parents in the very near future.

Second, I am passionate about helping children reach their full potential. For over six years, I have worked at Compassion International, an organization committed to the success of children in poverty. As Compassion’s Director or Risk Management, I have traveled to many countries and seen the joy on children’s faces as they learn new skills or have options that open them to new opportunities. I believe that Monument Academy serves that role in our community. As a Board member, I would work to ensure not only that Monument Academy operates smoothly and soundly, but that positive child outcomes are a central focus of this charter school.   

Since January of this year, I have served as the Monument Academy parent representative to the District 38 DAAC (District Accountability Advisory Committee). This experience has given me quick exposure to some of the issues facing D-38 schools and more specifically that Monument Academy may also face. As a Board member, I will honorably represent Monument Academy to the District and within the wider community.

I have been a licensed attorney in Colorado since 1994, and although Monument Academy has its own outside counsel, I will draw upon my legal and business acumen in making sound decisions. Throughout my career, I have served on various volunteer boards. These board positions have included leadership roles with financial and legal accountability. Most recently, I was the Board Secretary for Crisis Consulting International, and currently I serve on the Advisory Committee for Leadership Program of the Rockies.

If elected, I will work diligently to ensure the continued success and trajectory of success for Monument Academy with a heart to help children reach their fullest potential.

James Keating

I am entering my 24th year of active duty service in the U.S. Navy as a Naval Flight Officer.  This is my family’s 2nd year at Monument Academy (MA), having moved to Monument in July 2017.  We have five beautiful children, one at Palmer Ridge High School; one each in 7th, 5th and two in 2nd grade.  I will be retiring from military service in 2020 and my family will be making Monument our home for the long term.  My wife Alison and I always make it a priority to be involved in our kid’s activities and local community matters.  I am currently serving on the Board of Directors for the local club swim team, the Woodmoor Waves, as the Treasurer and my wife is responsible for apparel.  I am also a member of the Palmer Ridge High School Advisory Council and support MA in an accountability advisory role.  My military career has provided me extensive experience in long-term strategic planning, policy making, gap analysis, resource planning and policy compliance.  In my various roles on boards and councils, I make it a priority to ensure open communication, transparency and taking a pragmatic and holistic approach to the discussions and issues at hand.  I am happy to serve the MA community in any way practical and look forward to ensuring our children have the safest, most respectful learning environment we as parents can provide.

Megghan St. Aubyn

I have been a parent at Monument Academy for the past nine years. My oldest son started in Kindergarten and will finish 8th grade this year. My younger two children both attended the MA preschool and are currently in second and sixth grade. I have consistently been an enthusiastic supporter of Monument Academy and the dedicated teachers who provide our children with an exceptional education. My children have also participated in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including, football, basketball, Jr. Lynx volleyball, choir, Jr. Lynx Orchestra, student council, NJHS, and Odyssey of the Mind, leading to my experience in a variety of what Monument Academy has to offer.

As a parent, I am committed to ensuring that my children receive the best education possible. As a board member, I will be committed to representing our shareholders; in this case, current parents of Monument Academy students, and the students themselves. I intend to promote accurate, frequent, open lines of communication between the board and its shareholders. I hope to be a voice of reason and experience, representing parents who are also passionate about their child’s education. I strongly believe in upholding the quality standards of curriculum, character, and the positive learning environment that is the foundation of Monument Academy.

Currently, I serve as the Treasurer/Co-Director on the board for One Love, a non-profit based in Colorado Springs that empowers students in Ethiopia with education, nutrition, and clean water. My experience in the nonprofit sector began at the University of Northern Colorado Foundation where I worked as an Event Coordinator, Annual Fund Director, and Development Officer for the university. After leaving the world of professional fundraising to be home with my three children, I differentiated my experience by starting Independent Professional Services, a business management and bookkeeping service for small companies. My professional experience also includes work in the recruiting industry.

I am a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder (B.S., 2000), with a double major in Finance and Management, and completed postgraduate work in business at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. I bring to the board a passion for children and education as well as a fundamental belief in the importance of local control. Our school is a special place, a gem among the rocks, where parents and teachers work together as a team to raise the next generation of independent thinkers and leaders. We, as parents of charter school students, have the unique opportunity (and challenge) to make a direct impact on our children’s educational experience; from volunteering in the classroom, serving on PTO, defining curriculum, budget, policy, and so much more, dedicated parents influence Monument Academy in every way. I feel it is my duty and privilege to help maintain the standards we have come to expect from Monument Academy, not only for the sake of my children but for yours as well.