Third Grade


Britany Blair

Ms. Blair
Room 105, Lead

Charlene Somers

Ms. Somers
Room 111

Karen Shannahan

Ms. Shannahan
Room 109

Paula Knepper

Mrs. Knepper
Room 107

Stephanie Unks

Mrs. Unks


Our 3rd grade team endeavors to cultivate an environment that students love and feel empowered to learn.

1st Quarter

Math: Addition, Subtraction, Word Problems, Measurements, Telling Time
ELA: Wind and the Willows, Classic Tales
Science: Animal Classification, Human Body
History/Social Studies: Map Skills
Field Trip & Special Activities: Zoo and Animal Excursion

2nd Quarter

Math: Math Facts, Addition and Subtraction Larger Numbers, Telling Time, Money, Place Value
ELA: Sabel, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Sara: Plain and Tall
Science: Light and Sound
History/Social Studies: Ancient Roman Civilization
Special Activities: Rome Day

3rd Quarter

Math: Continuation of previous material to mastery, Intro to Multiplication, Angles, Multi-step Equations
ELA: Norse Mythology to align with Vikings unit
Science: Solar System
History/Social Studies: The Viking Age, Native Americans: Regions and Cultures
Field Trip: Space Museum

4th Quarter

Math: Continuation of previous material, Division, Adding and Subtracting with Money
ELA: Poetry, Novel Studies, Formal Writing
Science: Ecology
History/Social Studies: Early Exploration of North America, Colonial America
Field Trip: Manitou Cliff Dwellings