Secondary School FAQs

The FAQs below address the questions commonly asked. Take a look! Don’t see a question you would like answered? Email it to Amy Torrence. Email

Will MS kids share the halls with HS?

Yes, there will be crossover. We have visited a charter school similar to ours and seen this in action. It’s a beautiful thing! Times that are more socially oriented are separated, such as lunch times and after school social events. This is similar to our building now. 1st graders and 8th graders coexist! It’s an excellent opportunity for our character emphasis to shine.

HS students will receive a robust educational program specifically designed for their high school experience. These educational and enrichment opportunities and course offerings are designed to provide our high school students with more access to the extra curricular and course offerings that are more limited to individual students in larger high school programs. How the middle school program is enhanced is that they will also see additional course offerings and will have access to teachers who are teaching high school courses that could also be taught to a middle school class, giving students who should be advanced forward the access to high school level coursework. The high school is by no means an extension of middle school, but rather, the middle school program can now be enhanced from the access and ability to bring higher level courses to their program by having this proximity within the same facility.

Will there be special ed services?

Yes, our exceptional student services space at the new campus is double what it is at our current campus. Jessica Coote had significant input in the plans and is happy with the result. Please feel free to reach out to her for specifics.

Will the start time allow me to get to the original MA campus, Palmer Ridge HS, Lewis Palmer HS and the new campus?

Yes, we have actively weighed all options. We have had discussions with parents, the district superintendent, the county and athletics department. Our planning does include drop off time at the other high schools, with the knowledge that we have families who have older students attending those, who do not have the opportunity to attend MAHS.

Drop off will start at 7:20 am, classes will start at 7:50 am, and release time will be 3:30 pm.

The schedule also incorporates a 30 minute last period that offers time for clubs, enrichment classes, tutoring and study hall time, sports practice, etc. This optional period will also allow for student and family choice and planning for after school activities as well as off-site participation in sports.

Can we offer more healthy lunch options?

Our current lunch service is run through D-38, which allows our school to provide for our students in need of free and reduced lunches.

We have contacted an organization called Flik Independent School Dining for and assessment of their capacity to provide catering food service in the future. They are having their team look at the architectural plans and are also flying in a consultant to evaluate the feasibility of their Colorado franchise to offer meal options to our students. Please visit their site to learn more about their service and why we have contacted them. This would not be an option we would start out with at the school’s opening because of our current contract with the district and at this point it is a fact finding and feasibility study. The other reason for pursuing a relationship with this company is for the possibility of offering culinary education to our Junior and Senior classes. To learn about this part of their company please refer to this link.

Can we have an organic garden?

This is a great idea! Perhaps a club, elective course project, or a community leadership project.

This desire from the student body is also why the Flik organization was contacted. (Please see the above question and answer for reference.) An organic garden is an outstanding idea and endeavor, and one the new school property could easily support. For students to then take what has been grown to table, combined with education on ethical farming and healthy eating would provide for an excellent program.

Will you offer more course selections for middle school?

Yes, it has been a priority goal to offer varied selections as budget/teachers/space allows. We are looking at some exciting scheduling options that will allow for additional electives and enrichment classes.

What is the curriculum for HS?

Our curriculum committee, comprised of teachers, administrators, and the school board, has been working on curriculum selections, keeping in mind our core knowledge focus and our classical roots. This process also includes middle school teachers to ensure vertical alignment of our curriculum. This core curricular offering has set and is part of our district approved charter and is a requirement for maintaining our school accreditation and graduation requirements, however there are six additional course offerings that can be expanded in number each year that we add grades, that are being selected and developed. We feel that as this high school is being developed and designed specifically for our students, it is important for our students to have a voice in what subjects and courses they would like to pursue. Where the core subjects have been set, these elective courses have fluidity. As the final decisions are made, and these elective course offerings are chosen in the first week of January, we would like to give our students a chance to have a vote. Please look for email communication regarding course offerings and the voting page. This can be submitted to the front office after break for consideration.

What are the electives for HS?

MA will continue to offer the electives available currently: Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Technology, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. We are pursuing the addition of other electives as interest/budget/teacher/space allow. Please see the response in the answer above for more comment and information on elective choices.

What kinds of clubs will be available for MS and HS?

MA will continue to offer the enrichment electives and clubs available currently: Chess, Speech and Debate, Drama Production, Yearbook, NJHS and NHS. We are implementing an optional last period where a myriad of clubs, and enrichment and academic opportunities will be offered. These choices will be determined by student interest, teacher passions, community resources, etc.

Will the Secondary School have a block schedule?

We will have a modified block schedule that includes 2 block days every other week. This schedule maintains daily connection with each course while also providing a longer class period every other week for longer lessons like science labs, writing workshops, Socratic seminars, debates, etc.

Will you have concurrent enrollment?

Yes. More information about that will be coming soon.

Will internships still be part of the requirement for HS? If so, what businesses are in place to support that?

Within the leadership education curriculum there is a possibility for internships. At this point, this would not be a requirement but rather a choice depending upon student choices for completing these program projects. For example, there are current sponsors for internships for our high school students at the state capital. This choice also includes community service which is not necessarily an internship situation.

Will you allow HS students to opt out of testing like you do with current students? Yes. How does that affect ACT, SAT?

Students who plan to pursue higher education will need to take an entrance assessment accepted by the institution. The ACT and SAT are universally accepted. Depending upon the college or university, there are other rigorous assessments that are accepted instead. For example, there is a comprehensive Classical Education High School Assessment that meets such high standards for rigor that some colleges and universities are also accepting these scores. MAHS will be a testing site for the SAT and for this Classical Education Assessment. Study guides for both will be available to students.

What is the sex ed curriculum? Can parents opt their student out of sex ed?

We share our parent’s concern at some of the explicit content on human sexuality discussed as HB19-1032 was debated and developed in the Colorado legislative session last spring. How this bill is executed and the actual content curriculum will be evidenced as the bill passes into law and is implemented. Sex education is not a high school graduation requirement, which means schools can choose whether they want to teach it at all. As we understand the passed bill, if we were to choose to offer a human sexuality course at the high school level, we must offer the state curriculum in its entirety. Otherwise, we must choose not to offer the course at all. Therefore, we choose not to offer the course and to rather direct parents to resources to complete this education with their students outside of the school program. We are currently working with legal counsel to investigate a waiver that would allow for MA to offer human sexuality education in keeping with MA’s curricular program and pedagogy to give MA and MA’s parents choice and input in the content for this instruction. As this bill is implemented, this process and understanding may change, in which case we will keep our parents informed. As it stands, MA will not offer it’s high school students a course in comprehensive human sexuality.

What options will be available for high school sports?

MA desires to build a robust athletics program in line with student interest. As with most charter schools, the high school will likely open with a few offerings and add more based on student demand and numbers to make a team as well as the school’s access to quality coaches and advisors to lead activities. The school anticipates opening with cross-country.

Students in Colorado are fortunate that they have a state mandated right to participate in a sport or activity at another school if that sport is not offered at their school. The MA athletic director will assist families in identifying these opportunities. The school schedule has also been developed with these off-site sports in mind.

How is the HS different than what’s already offered at the district high schools?

MA High School will continue to focus on academic achievement and character development. MA High School will provide a classical approach to secondary education that emphasizes use of original or primary source texts, the Socratic method, and awakening the inquisitive minds of students to gain knowledge and develop creativity and joy in learning. We are deliberately providing a smaller scale learning environment to meet the needs of all students. Students will engage in
opportunities to apply their learning through real-life training, skills, and experience through educational opportunities including greater community partnerships.

What is the contingency plan if the building isn’t finished on time?

We recognize the importance of a contingency plan and will deploy this plan if necessary. Depending on the exact reasons for the delay, the most straightforward plan is to bring in temporary modular units until the building is then ready for occupancy.

Will there be uniforms for HS?

Monument Academy believes that a safe and disciplined learning environment is an important aspect of a rigorous school. Our uniform policy is intended to promote respect for the learning process, build school identity and community spirit, and to create a safe and orderly school climate.

This said, MA also recognizes that in a Classical approach to education fosters students who are able to demonstrate leadership, communicate and defend their ideas, and to be creative and critical thinking individuals. A driving component of the Classical approach is the Trivium which describes the learning stages of children and adolescents as they mature and the educational method of each stage to best develop a knowledgeable, thinking, and articulate student. These developmental markers are combined into three stages, PK- 12th grades. The last stage is Rhetoric and is the high school stage. In essence, this stage teaches students to effectively think, articulate and communicate concepts to others. It encourages individuality, creativity, genius, and sound thinking. At this stage, it is appropriate to allow for more freedom in self expression within the appropriate structures of ordered thinking and environment. For example, a vast number of professions require a uniform or dress code for good reason. Similarly to the choice in electives, we would like to allow for students to weigh in. The decision or “vote” is for 1) a uniform that is an extension of the current MA uniform or 2) a conservative dress code.

Will there be homecoming?

It is essential to create traditions and celebrations that are important to our students and culture and build the high school experience that is the right of passage for our high school students. I foresee not only establishing homecoming, as it is one  of the high school events that is an example of this, but many others that MAHS will make its own.

Do you have a principal for the HS? If not, when will you have one?

The board of directors will pass a vote to approve the job descriptions of new positions required by the high school and the high school principal is one of these positions. Once approved the hiring process will begin. The recommendation to the board for their consideration is the organizational model for elementary and middle/high school principals with supporting assistant principals. The current elementary and middle school leadership is doing an exemplary job and will be considered for these positions.

Will the end time allow for students to participate in sports and activities at the other schools or programs?

We recognize this is important, and have worked our scheduling to best accommodate for this. Students will not have a core content class in the last period of the day. There may be a possibility if students are involved in sports, that even with this scheduling, a student might miss the last ten minutes, or so, of the prior class.

Will MAHS teachers be certified?

MAHS teachers must hold current licensure and/or meet highly qualified status for the State of Colorado.

What happens to my student’s credits if MA closes before they graduate? Will they all transfer to the district high schools?

MA has no intention of opening a program that results in a closure. MA has a 24-year tradition and believes in the timing for this expansion. In the case of the unthinkable, whole school program adjustments would be made first in order to fulfill the promise and responsibility we would have to the then currently enrolled students.

However, this does not seem a likely scenario in that the roll out plan for the high school allows for start up and time to grow the high school. Also, with the growth and housing development in the area, a district bond for a new school build that did not pass, overcrowding already evident within the district and neighboring districts, a growing number of charter schools that do not have high school programs, and the need for competitive secondary and high school options, tells us there are plenty of students to fill our school.  The acceptance of course credits are dependent upon the approval of the receiving school. Typically all core classes transfer easily and there would be no reason that MA’s courses would not. The elective courses offered at MA will be in keeping with the college board of education requirements and courses colleges and universities favor on transcripts.

Will each school have an SRO?

We recognize safety and security are important concerns. It is a priority as funding allows.