Monument Academy East Campus

August 6, 2020

Aerial pic of East Campus Aug 6

July 21, 2020

July 21 Drone Image
July 21 Drone Image
July 21 Drone Image


May 29, 2020

May 8, 2020

Our PE teacher, Coach Drew Stevenson, had a chance to walk the new school grounds to review our outdoor spaces for recess, PE, Athletics, arts, courtyard, etc. He was also given the opportunity by the good folks of JHL to fly his drone.  These pictures brought big smiles to staff faces as we head into the home stretch!

The scaffolding on the north and east sides should be gone within a week or so. JHL is making big progress on the inside, too! Click the thumbnail images below to see full-size pictures.


April 1, 2020

Drone Picture of HS 04-01-20

Drone Picture of HS 04-01-20

Drone Picture of HS 04-01-20

February 26, 2020

January 13, 2020

Progress Made Inside and Out!

The Monument Academy Board has been working to determine whether high school students at our new campus will be in uniform or abide by a dress code and we would like to hear your input! We are also considering whether or not to make a slight change to the middle school uniform policy. Fifth through Eighth grade parents, please check your email in the next few days as you will be receiving a very short survey that will allow you to provide input on this decision. Please note that nothing will change in regard to our current elementary uniform policy. We realize many parents are eager for a decision on this and we will have one to you soon!

Chief Operating Officer, Christianna Herrera, confirmed that 6th through 8th grades will be transferring to the new campus. The Staff and Board have been directing and reviewing this question, with a lot of input from the middle school teaching team. Mrs. Herrera noted that everything has been evaluated in this decision so that we can keep our promises to our parents and do what is ethical by our students.

We hope you enjoy the latest drone footage from the building construction site.


Recent Press

Monument Academy Board President Mark McWilliams September 7th letter to the OCN

December 23, 2019 Update

December 23, 2019

We hope you are enjoying your break! We want to share several pieces of exciting news regarding the Secondary School.

It has been an amazing month at Monument Academy. We have been diligently orchestrating the new high school core curriculum and electives. As we see the pieces come together, the more thrilled we become about the opportunities that will be offered our incoming students. What an incredible path lies ahead!

Please see two pictures below of the new school site. It’s thrilling to see the progress happening there! On December 13th, 40 MA staff members visited the site. They had a great time seeing the foundations of their classrooms and the other buildings starting to take shape.

Site picture December 12

Teacher visit to site

November 15, 2019 Update

November 15, 2019

Program Offerings Coming Soon

We are working diligently with our administration team (including the COO, Deans, curriculum committee, SAAC committee, and various staff members) on the High School curriculum, as well as the distinct details and offerings to come at the new secondary school campus. Above is a picture of the latest drone footage of the secondary campus, captured November 12th. We’re happy to report that construction is progressing just as expected. Look for more exciting announcements in the next few weeks.

September 27, 2019 Update

September 27, 2019


Check out this awesome drone footage of our new campus that will house our middle school and high school starting August 2020.
Monument Academy’s founding Principal, Jane Lundeen, finds out in this newspaper ad that the street the new campus will be located on is named after her!

Daily progress is happening at our new campus, and the lead engineer says we are on time and on budget!

We have received many comments, questions and suggestions regarding our new campus and we welcome them! Rest assured we are working constantly on all aspects of our new school.

We know there are parents, including some of us on the board, who will have children at three campuses. We are exploring all options to make drop off and pick up as convenient as possible.

Your school board, teachers and administration are excited to be on this journey with you! More great things are just around the corner for MA. We look forward to serving Monument Academy students and their families for decades to come.


Monument Academy Secondary Campus Artist Rendering
Architect’s rendering: This is how Monument Academy’s new campus, housing Middle School and High School, will look in August of 2020.
September 6, 2019 Update


Monument Academy Secondary Campus Ground Breaking
This photo of the school’s foundation was taken September 4.

Monument Academy’s Board of Directors is excited to share the progress being made on the Secondary School campus. A great deal of input has been received from our teachers and administrative team and we are thrilled with the results! This new facility will serve students in grades 6-10 starting in August of 2020. The following years will see grades 11 and 12 added.

Monument Academy will continue to do what we do best…and inspire our children to be leaders of the next generation. The Secondary School will continue to provide a challenging, content-rich, academic program offered within an engaging, caring and positive learning environment. Monument Academy emphasizes academic excellence, respect, responsibility and exemplary citizenship.

For more information about Monument Academy Secondary School, its progress and programs, please join our list of followers for updates. We plan to have special events for milestones at the new campus, and we would enjoy extending invitations to you and your family as we progress. Thank you for your interest in Monument Academy Secondary School.

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Monument Academy closed the bond for the Secondary school campus on July 9th in the amount of $28,950,000.

December 2018 Update

There are two signs announcing the location of the new Monument Academy High School (MAHS). Late last week, developers Matt and Bill Dunston announced they will be donating land on the corner of Highways 83 and 105 which will the location of the new campus.

As you may recall, the MAHS application was approved in November 2017 and our 10-year contract with Lewis Palmer School District 38 to include MAHS was approved in March 2018. We have selected CRP Architects and JHL Contractors last summer and now with land, we will have a formal ground breaking in the spring of 2019.

Our plans include the building of an 80,000 square foot facility to include significant space for the Tri-Lakes YMCA.  This unique partnership will enable both MA and the Y to expand their usable space in the near future.

Matt Dunston pointed in his announcement concerning the land donation,  “Monument Academy is a unique local asset and we wanted to provide a place for it to grow.  The school and YMCA is an ideal blend that will be a tremendous benefit to the entire Tri-Lakes community.”

Classes are set to begin in August 2020 and will be home to nearly 500 high school students in grades 9 – 12 and 350 middle school students in grades 6 – 8.

August 2018 Update
  • MAHS application is approved in November 2017, a mere 49 days after it submission.
  • MA signs a new contract with Lewis Palmer School District 38 to include MAHS in March 15, 2018. The new contract extended our 10-year contract by 2 years and included Monument Academy’s share of the 1999 MLO monies.
  • Inline Management was chosen as MA’s Owner’s Representative in June 2018 to provide all coordination of the development of MAHS. Inline Management has extensive experience building charter schools.
  • CRP Architects, PC. were chosen to provide Architectural design, Structural Engineering for the building; Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering for building systems; Electrical Engineering for building power and lighting systems including conduit pathways for low voltage systems; Civil Engineering for all on site improvements. CRP’s Brian Risley was appointment as Monument Academy’s architect of record. CRP and Mr. Risley have built a very impressive reputation for their work with charter schools in Colorado.
  • General Contractor RFP process began in June 2018. Monument Academy thru our Builder’s Representative, Kurt Connelly, requested a proposal to provide Pre-construction consulting and Construction Manager/General Contractor services for constructing our new high school facility. A total of seven firms were pre-qualified and invited to respond.  All submittals are due Friday August 3 at 12:00 Noon. The submittals will be reviewed, and firms will be selected for personal interviews.
  • El Paso County Planning Commission Meeting – On July 18th , an early assistance meeting took place with County Planning staff to discuss the land use review process associated with the school site and surrounding developments. The meeting produced some very positive next steps.
  • Land – The final steps of acquiring land at Highway 83 and Highway 105 have taken place. Hopefully, this acquisition will be completed in the next 30 days.
  • Financing – MA’s Bond Counsel has identified the sources of funding for construction and long-term financing for the new facility.[/toggle]