Monument Academy High School (MAHS) – August 2018 Update

The MA Board of Directors wanted to provide all shareholders with a Monument Academy High School (MAHS) update.

We are proud to share that a lot of positive activity surrounding the new Monument Academy High School (MAHS) has taken place over the past several months.  Here are a few highlights of the Board and Administration efforts:

  • MAHS application is approved in November 2017, a mere 49 days after it submission.
  • MA signs a new contract with Lewis Palmer School District 38 to include MAHS in March 15, 2018. The new contract extended our 10-year contract by 2 years and included Monument Academy’s share of the 1999 MLO monies.
  • Inline Management was chosen as MA’s Owner’s Representative in June 2018 to provide all coordination of the development of MAHS. Inline Management has extensive experience building charter schools.
  • CRP Architects, PC. were chosen to provide Architectural design, Structural Engineering for the building; Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering for building systems; Electrical Engineering for building power and lighting systems including conduit pathways for low voltage systems; Civil Engineering for all on site improvements. CRP’s Brian Risley was appointment as Monument Academy’s architect of record. CRP and Mr. Risley have built a very impressive reputation for their work with charter schools in Colorado.
  • General Contractor RFP process began in June 2018. Monument Academy thru our Builder’s Representative, Kurt Connelly, requested a proposal to provide Pre-construction consulting and Construction Manager/General Contractor services for constructing our new high school facility. A total of seven firms were pre-qualified and invited to respond.  All submittals are due Friday August 3 at 12:00 Noon. The submittals will be reviewed, and firms will be selected for personal interviews.
  • El Paso County Planning Commission Meeting – On July 18th , an early assistance meeting took place with County Planning staff to discuss the land use review process associated with the school site and surrounding developments. The meeting produced some very positive next steps.
  • Land – The final steps of acquiring land at Highway 83 and Highway 105 have taken place. Hopefully, this acquisition will be completed in the next 30 days.
  • Financing – MA’s Bond Counsel has identified the sources of funding for construction and long-term financing for the new facility.

We will be providing more detailed information as it becomes available.  Look forward to ground breaking information, academic updates as well as special announcements to those in the community who are partnering with MA to achieve a successful August 2020 opening.

Stay tuned, as we will continue to update you on our progress.

On behalf of the Board,

Patrick Hall