Spring Assessments at a Glance!

2021 Colorado State Standardized Assessments

U.S. Department of Education has conditionally approved Colorado HB 21-1161. For the spring of 2021, CMAS Social Studies will be suspended and CMAS Science will only be administered to Monument Academy students in eighth grade.

CMAS English Language Arts (ELA) will be administered to all participating students in grades 3, 5, and 7, and CMAS Math will be administered to all participating students in grades 4, 6, and 8. This plan does not affect PSAT offerings for our high school students so PSAT will be administered to the Monument Academy Freshman Class as planned.

Parents of students in grade levels NOT being assessed in CMAS ELA or CMAS Math are able to opt their child/children IN to those additional Colorado State Standardized Assessments. The procedure for ensuring your child/children may complete the additional assessments will be outlined near the end of this communication. The conditional acceptance of HB 21-1161 by the US Department of Education has slightly altered our schedules for Colorado State Standardized Assessments (CMAS/CoAlt – PSAT) and the updated schedule for when and where each assessment will take place is found below.

Here is a schedule for when state standardized assessments (CMAS/CoAlt – PSAT) will be administered at each of the Monument Academy campuses.

West Campus Standardized Assessment Schedule

AssessmentGrade Level(s) AssessedDate of Assessment
CMAS ELA/CoAlt3rd, 5th - (4th Grade Opt-Ins)Tue 4/27
CMAS Math/CoAlt4th, - (3rd, 5th Grade Opt-Ins)Wed 4/28
All students, whether completing the assessments or not, will attend school at MA West normally on these days.

East Campus Standardized Assessment Schedule

AssessmentGrade Level(s) AssessedDate of Assessment
PSAT - CoAlt9th OnlyWed 4/14
CMAS ELA/CoAlt7th - (6th, 8th Grade Opt-Ins)Fri 4/23 - 7:50 AM to 2:35 PM
CMAS Math/CoAlt6th, 8th - (7th Opt-Ins) (ELA Make Up)Fri 4/30 - 7:50 AM to 2:35 PM
CMAS Science/CoAlt8th Only - (ELA, Math Make Up)Fri 5/7 - 7:50 AM to 2:35 PM
All students will attend school at MA East normally on 4/14. Only those students completing CMAS/CoAlt assessments will come to MA East on Friday 4/23, Friday 4/30, and Friday 5/7. Students completing assessments on Fridays should arrive at 7:50 AM as would occur any other day of the week, but dismissal times will be different with all participating students being released at 2:35 PM. Lunch will occur as normal but students are encouraged to bring a snack.

PLEASE have students who are completing assessments in school and on-time. Please avoid scheduling appointments on their scheduled assessment days. When the school has to “make-up” state standardized assessments for students who are late or must leave during the assessments we often have no choice but to significantly interrupt their regular instructional time. Thank you.

General information about assessments administered at Monument Academy throughout the year can be found at: https://www.monumentacademy.net/assessments

2021 Colorado State Standardized Assessment Refusals

We expect that some families may choose to refuse allowing their students to complete CMAS/CoAlt assessments this year due to concerns about COVID-19. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has asked us to include an option for specifying COVID-19 as a reason for refusal to our normal refusal process. Monument Academy accepts online refusals only per board policy 1525 found at the link below:
MA Board Policy #1525

If you plan to refuse allowing your students to participate in standardized assessments this spring, regardless of the reason, please complete the applicable online refusal found at the link below so that Monument Academy may comply with CDE requirements and avoid negative consequences to our school. Thank you.

Refusal for CMAS/CoAlt Assessments
Refusal for the PSAT Assessment (9th Grade ONLY)

2021 Colorado State Standardized Assessment Opt-Ins

Please complete the following electronic form by April 9th, 2021 if you would like your child to take the optional State Standardized CMAS ELA or Math assessment in addition to the assessments that are required for the 2020-2021 school year. If you don’t want your child to take the optional State Standardized Assessments, you don’t need to do anything.
Opt-In – Additional Colorado State Standardized Assessments

NWEA Assessment Dates

NWEA is the primary, internal assessment used to inform instruction at Monument Academy in grades three through nine. Younger grade levels sometimes take NWEA assessments appropriate for their grade level. Please do your best to have your child/children in school and on time for their NWEA assessment days. All students attend school normally on NWEA assessment days. Thank you.

Monument Academy NWEA Assessment Schedule

Monument Academy NWEA MAP-Growth assessment schedule for this spring
Day / DateGrade AssessedAssessment Given
Tue 5/4, Wed 5/53rd, 4thReading, Language, Math
Wed 5/5, Thu 5/66th, 7th, 8th, 9thReading, Language, Math, Science
Tue 5/11, Wed 5/125thReading, Language, Math, Science

Please contact the Assessment Coordinator with any questions