Carline DO’s & DON’Ts

The entire staff appreciates you taking the time to review procedures for car line. As safety is our primary concern, here are a few reminders:

DO RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS: To the east we have the church property which is vital to our traffic flow. The church leadership has always worked with MA to accommodate our in-flow and out-flow during car line; however, they have asked specifically for MA parents to not park or use the parking spaces next to the building at any time. The church is concerned about the safety of their members and visitors on their campus entering and leaving the church building and has requested that MA parents not use the church’s east entrance at any time. Please remember that the area around the church is private property and is not a public street. The small piece MA accesses is by permission only. To our west are a few businesses. Their associated parking lots are not to be used by MA visitors unless conducting business at those locations.

DO HAVE A SIGN IN YOUR VEHICLE that displays information regarding the student(s) you are picking up. The sign should contain at least the last name of the student and preferably the grade and teacher. This will help those conducting car line to more efficiently mobilize students to the appropriate vehicle.

DO NOT MAKE U-TURNS IN CAR LINE If you come in the east entrance, you should exit the west side of the MA campus. If you enter via the west entrance, you should exit the east side of Campus.

DO NOT DRIVE IN THE WRONG LANES to get around traffic. Please be safe for everyone involved in car line.

DO NOT MAKE LEFT TURNS ONTO HWY 105 by the church during posted hours – reference the sign at the east exit listing hours during which left turns are prohibited. Please do not attempt to cross traffic on Hwy 105 to make a left turn as this is extremely dangerous and places not only the occupants of your car but also those traveling in both directions in peril.

DO PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD when dropping off or picking up your students. When you pull all the way forward and use all available lanes, we are able to safely unload or load more students at one time, thus making car line more efficient. Drop-off utilizes one lane in each direction.

DO USE THE SECOND PICK UP LANE (PICK UP ONLY) in the appropriate direction based on time. The second pick up lane is open to traffic coming in by the church entrance up until 3:18pm M-TH and 12:18pm on Friday. After 3:18pm M-TH and 12:18pm on Friday, the second pick up lane reverses direction and becomes available to cars coming in the west entrance by the bank. These times coincide with the release of Middle School Students.

DO PARK IN APPROVED SPACES ONLY when coming on campus between 7:00a-8:00a and 2:00p-3:00p. Please do not park along the curbs in either direction during these times, as you will cause an obstruction to the flow of traffic.

DO ALWAYS USE THE CROSSWALK to cross the lanes of cars both in the morning drop off and afternoon pick up times. While adults may be able to see in both directions, a child following you may not. Remember, students may see you cross thru traffic and think it is ok for them to do as well.

DO PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE while you are in car line. With cars moving in both directions, children loading and unloading and a number of staff in the middle of all of this activity, we need your full and focused attention.

DO PAY ATTENTION TO ANNOUNCEMENTS DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER, such as thunderstorms with lightning within the vicinity of MA. This will prevent MA from being able to assemble the students outside for pick up. If this should occur, MA will disseminate information as quickly as possible by all available means to let parents know if the school is exercising an indoor release. During indoor release parents may come into the school to pick up their students. All other students remain inside the building with their teachers until they are called to the entrances when their parents arrive in car line. Occasionally, the car line will be paced in a “HOLD” position. This would occur when conditions outside are too hazardous for anyone to be outside, such as severe lightning. All loading will cease, and no one is allowed outside until conditions improve. Rest assured that staff members will wait until all children have been picked up regardless of how long the process takes.

PATIENCE is a virtue and greatly appreciated. We want every child dropped off and picked up safely.