Carline FAQs

I’m a customer of Integrity Bank or Premier Vision – I’ll just park in their lot.
No.  Please do not park in the parking lots of these businesses under any circumstances.  They have asked us specifically to inform you that their lots are not for daily use of picking up your child.  Using the carline drop off and pick up system is the most efficient way to get your child to and from school.
How early should I arrive on campus?
The first two weeks of school, you will want to allow for a few extra minutes to get through carline from the time you arrive to campus.  After the routine settles in, arrive to campus at least 10 minutes prior to the start of school.  This allows 5 minutes to proceed through carline and 5 minutes for your child to get from your vehicle to their desk.
Can I turn left onto Hwy 105 from the parking lot?
No, it is not safe to attempt a left turn onto Hwy 105 from the upper lot during morning or afternoon carline.  Please do not endanger yourself or others by doing this.  Exit campus by way of the bank and turn left at the light.
What if my student is on crutches or has special needs?
Under these circumstances, please wait until you have reached the flag pole to allow your student to exit.
Can I get out of my car at drop off to help my student with a class project or an instrument?
No, please allow staff members to assist you with this.  Carline is slowed significantly if a parent exits the vehicle.
How can I get through carline faster?
For drop off, have your child ready to exit the vehicle as soon as you arrive on campus: backpack in hand, shoes on, etc.  For pick up, have your sign on your dash, tell your child where to watch for you (crosswalk or sidewalk) and use the center lane when it is available. Please make sure your child is able to recognize your vehicle so when they see you they can inform the Teacher or Para who is supervising them.
Can I park to walk my child in/out of school?
Yes, you may always do this if your child needs your extra help.  This is common for our younger students.  Please park in the visitor spots and use the crosswalks.
Can I park anywhere at the church?
No, we are no longer permitted to park anywhere in the church parking lot. Please do not use any of their spaces at any time.