Important Message

Important Message

Dear Monument Academy Families,

I hope this finds each of you and your loved ones healthy and well.  Yesterday, we were working to understand Governor Polis’ intention for school closures in Colorado.  After his press conference, the governor’s office sent a subsequent notification clarifying andconfirming that all schools in Colorado would remain closed for the remainder of this school year.

These past few weeks, Emergency Crisis Remote Learning has focused on essential and core grade-level skills and knowledge, and academic enrichment and engagement in order for students to maintain foundational skills necessary for successful progression to the next grade. We understand that there are unique issues with distance learning; therefore, teachers have prioritized the most necessary and critical areas of their curriculum. Teachers have been utilizing this prioritized curriculum map to provide instruction that will allow students to achieve grade level and content area standards.  This remote learning plan directly correlates to National Learning Standards and curricular expectations for each grade level.  MA will look to continue this in the upcoming weeks with the goal of finishing this school year strong.  As this remote learning period has been extended, please reach out to your principals if additional or alternative means of access to materials and devices are needed.

Monument Academy has consistently delivered an excellent educational program for the past 24 years because of the passionate and gifted teachers and faculty, and we are committed to doing the best we can to meet the academic and non-academic needs of your children in this challenging remote learning setting.  MA’s philosophy of education embraces conversation, tactile and interactive discovery, and, most importantly, the encouragement and value of being in the presence of teachers and classmates for nurturing and developing the human spirit; that cannot be duplicated.  I am unhappy that this closure for the school year will put more strain on families.  I know that our parents are doing the very best that they can.  You have essentially become co-teachers with us, and, now more than ever, we all need to act with empathy, grace, and compassion for one another.  We share the same earnest objective…to care for our students and to work to ensure that they are as whole as can be as we move forward as a nation with our new“normal.”

We have been navigating protocols for continuing to offer counseling and mental health services, and our counselors are available for your children to engage with social and friendship groups, as well as navigating anxiety, grief, and feelings of frustration that this uncertain time can bring.

We held out hope that our eighth grade graduation could be celebrated with a great amount of social distancing such as we saw with the Air Force Academy graduation this past weekend.  Now, instead of an inside ceremony, we will have a “Drive-Through” style ceremony with some form of broadcast in the parking lot of New Life Church.  Principal Seymour will continue to share information with you as plans are finalized.

We absolutely desire that our students are safe and healthy above all, but, I admit that my greatest disappointment is that our students will not have the chance to be with their teachers and friends, to say farewells, and to look forward to the summer break before the end of this school year. When it is permissible and feasible, we will look to have ice cream socials and grade-level celebrations to make up for the loss of our special events that make this time of year so memorable, even if they must be scheduled for late summer or early fall. They will look different, but we will seek to find creative ways to make them happen.

Many of you have questions about how this closure will affect your child’s grades or worry for your child falling behind. We are working closely with families to understand the individual circumstances that may affect learning. We are teaching for continued learning and advancement, and yet, also understand there are many factors involved that could affect the traditional system of grading. Flexibility and an abundance of grace will be provided throughout this quarter to ensure students have had ample opportunity to maintain or bolster their grades. Please reach out to your child’s teachers or principal if you have specific concerns.

We will utilize the many tools at our disposal before and/or at the beginning of the new school year to ascertain skill levels for appropriate instruction moving forward. Monument Academy will spend time this summer formulating comprehensive remote learning plans in the event that the second wave scenario with specific closures occurs, just as we are diligent in all of our emergency preparedness.

Our goal is to continue to ensure your child’s academic success during this challenging time. We have greatly appreciated your patience and flexibility as we awaited guidance from Gov. Polis and the CO Department of Education.  We understand that navigating this may not have been a perfect process, and we have been most grateful for everyone’s continued support, understanding, and resilience.

Within mere weeks, our families and community have been faced with the uncertainty this global health crisis has caused.  Together, we have faced the fear of lost health, staggering losses of employment, food and supply shortages, worry for loved ones and children with conditions that place them at highest risk, the isolation that quarantine brings, as well as the joy and perseverance life brings. May you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe.

Warmest regards,

Christianna Herrera

Chief Operations Officer | Monument Academy

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