Canvas is an easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that connects all the digital tools and resources teachers and students use into one place. Monument Academy Middle School and High School teachers use Canvas to manage and deliver learning content and resources to students via a password-protected website. Middle and High School students use Canvas as a one-stop shop to view their grades, check their course calendar, utilize resources their teachers have provided and access their assignments. Parents are highly encouraged to “observe” their student’s courses in Canvas as a means of staying connected to what is happening in their student’s classrooms. Parents can check semester and final grades in Infinite Campus.


Canvas Guides & Tutorials

  • How do I know my assignment uploaded correctly? – Once an assignment has been submitted, both the app and the website will show a “Re-submit” button. This button lets you know something was successfully submitted. The app will also have a “Submission & Rubric >” option, and the website will have a link to “Submission Details”. Tap or click these links to see the work you submitted.
  • What do I do if I submitted my assignment, but it is marked “missing”? – Look for the “Re-submit”, “Submission & Rubric” and “Submission Details” links on the assignment. If you can’t find them, it is possible the submission didn’t go through. Talk to your teacher.
  • How do I know if assignments are supposed to be turned in online or in person? – If there is no submit button, this is an in-person assignment. This type of assignment is common for participation or performance grades.
  • What is the protocol if I miss a day of school? Do my submission links extend? How many days do I have to make up work? – Canvas does not de-activate submission links for assignments. You can still turn them in “late”. Whether they may still receive full credit depends on if your absence was excused or not. Please refer to the Student Handbook and individual course Syllabi for details specific to your situation.
  • What does MA recommend for Notification settings?Recommended Notification Settings for Parents (for the website and the app)


If you have any further questions, please contact Dawn Bartlett.