Monument Academy is committed to providing a challenging, content-rich, academic program offered within an engaging, caring, and positive learning environment. Established on a solid foundation of knowledge, Monument Academy emphasizes academic excellence, respect, responsibility, character and exemplary citizenship. The iPad “one-to-one” implementation project enables us to put educational materials from many sources in every student’s hands, bring facts to life, integrate problem solving and enable students to learn in an engaging way.

iPad FAQs

Why does my child need a Google account?

The school has created a GSuite domain and generated GSuite accounts for all of our middle school students and teachers. Student GSuite accounts provide access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Student work created in GSuite integrates with Canvas and other apps and allows for much easier collaboration within the Monument Academy domain. For more information about the GSuite Privacy Policy, please refer to our Data Privacy page.

Are the iPads owned by the school or by the student?
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The iPads are owned by the school. The student will have exclusive use of it during the school year as long as they follow the guidelines outlined in the iPad Agreement.

What happens if the ipad is damaged?

The school is managing the costs for this through the technology fee.  The first break is covered in full.  The second break and any subsequent breaks are the responsibility of the student and their parents.

Why is there a $75 technology fee for each student?

All students will be assessed an annual technology fee of $75 to cover the cost of a case, device management, Internet filtering, network access, and one iPad repair as follows which is taken from Section D of the iPad Agreement and Fees:

D. Damage, Loss, or Theft
1. The student and their parent/guardian is financially responsible for any/all accidental damage,
including but not limited to liquid spills, power surges, drops, falls, collisions, vandalism, flood, fire,
and smoke, as well as damage to cords and AC adapters. The student and parent/guardian agree to
all costs of repair up to and including the replacement of the issued iPad. Repair fees will be
assessed as follows:
a. First (accidental) iPad repair: no cost IF the iPad is in a school-issued case and has the screen
protector installed, provided under annual technology fee
b. Second and subsequent iPad repairs: full cost of repairs
c. First (accidental) screen protector replacement: no cost IF the iPad is in a school-issued case
and the screen protector is returned
d. Second and subsequent screen protector replacements: full cost of replacement
e. iPad Replacements: full cost of iPad replacement due to loss or damage

Why did you choose iPads and not laptops or other devices?

We researched financial investment, longevity of devices, and the availability and cost of educational tools for various platforms and determined the iPad to be best suited for our Middle School environment.  For the Middle School level, we have found a single platform to be more manageable for teachers and students.  The support and professional development provided by Apple Education are far superior to other products. We believe this to be the best educational decision for our staff and students.

What are the objectives for using technology in the classroom?

Our objectives are to provide an effective and efficient learning tool for our students. We are constantly trying to find innovative ways to engage students in their learning. The goal of technology integration is to engage students in the learning process, offering appropriate evaluation and communication tools. In a world full of technology, our classrooms must use it to leverage educational resources for the benefit of our students.

What do we do if we don’t have Wi-Fi at home?

Teachers can avoid making homework internet dependent. The books and apps will be accessible without Wi-Fi. Before students leave school for the day the teachers can ensure that students have the opportunity to download any important documents. The school library is available during all advisory periods for students requiring internet access for their home-work. If more time is needed, arrangements can be made.

If the student’s iPad is broken, lost or stolen, will he/she be at a disadvantage in class?

As with any school supply or needed tool, they will be at a disadvantage. Under our service agreement, we will have a quick turnaround period for repairs but replacement issues may take longer.

May we as a family opt out of using iPads altogether?

Opting out is not possible as this is a tool required for your child’s learning at our school. This will become a replacement for most of their textbooks and many other items currently in their backpack. It would put them at a serious disadvantage and jeopardize their ability to function properly in the classroom.
If finances are a concern, Monument Academy is committed to working with every family to make every opportunity possible for your child to have an iPad.

Are the iPads filtered?

Yes, the iPads are filtered at home and at school using Securly, a cloud-based content filter solution that students must log into using their school Google account. https://www.securly.com/

In the 2018-19 school year, we started offering the Securly Parent Portal to parents of Middle School students.  Please see the Securly Parent Portal information page and FAQs.

Is YouTube blocked on the student iPad?

Yes, the YouTube website is blocked for students and the YouTube app is inaccessible to students. Teachers are able to embed videos into Canvas for students to view as part of the learning process. There are no ads associated with these embedded videos. Videos are viewed within Canvas and do not link to other videos on either the YouTube website or app.

If you have any further questions, please contact Dawn Bartlett.