Board Meetings

Meetings Schedule

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 11th at 6:00pm in the school library.

The Monument Academy Board of Directors holds monthly board meetings at the school. MA Board Meeting agendas are posted in our main entrance window at 1150 Village Ridge Pt., Monument, CO.

Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Board meetings are posted after formal approval by the Board usually within 48 hours of that approval.  Minutes of one month’s meeting are reviewed and approved at their next scheduled meeting.  This may mean minutes of a Board meeting in one month will be approved the following month.  To view previously approved minutes click on one of the dates below for the approved minutes of that meeting.

Board Meeting Highlights

Since there can be as much as a 30-day delay in the posting of approved minutes, a summary of a meeting’s business items, discussions, public comments and actions taken by the Board are posted as highlights usually within 3 business days after the meeting.  To view the highlights of the last Board meeting click: March 21, 2019 Highlights


2019 Meeting Minutes


 January 10  February 14  March 21  April 11
 May 9  June 13  July 11  August 8
 September 12  October 10  November 14  December 12


2018 Meeting Minutes


 January 17  February 8  March 8                  March 14  April 12
 May 10  June 21  July 18  August 9
 September 13  October 11  November 8  December 13


2017 Meeting Minutes


 January 18  February 9  March 9  April 13 & 25
 May 22  June 15  July 20  August 10
 September 14  October 11  November 9  December 14