Board Members & Committees

    J.W. Boyles

    Board Member

        Dwayne Cooke

        Board Member

            Patrick Hall

            Board Member

                Mark McWilliams

                Board Member

                    Mike Molsen

                    Board Member

                        Melanie Strop

                        Board Member

                          Board Committees

                          The MA Board conducts much of its work through authorized committees of which are assigned a Board member as the committee  liaison.  Currently, the Board has authorized the following committees:

                          • Building and Facilities
                          • Curriculum
                          • Finance
                          • Governance
                          • Resource Development
                          • School Accountability & Advisory

                          For information concerning Board Committees and their responsibilities click:  Board Committees Information

                          CONTACT INFORMATION:

                          Questions and Comments for the Monument Academy Board of Directors may be e-mailed to:
                          Board Email