Board Members and Committees

    Ryan Graham


        Megghan St. Aubyn

        Vice President, SAAC Chair - West

            Lindsay Clinton


                Chris Dole


                    Misty McCuen

                    Member at Large, SAAC Chair - East

                        Joseph Buczkowski

                        Member at Large

                          The MA Board conducts much of its work through authorized committees of which are assigned a Board member as the committee  liaison.  Currently, the Board has authorized the following committees:

                          • Curriculum Committee – Lindsay Clinton, Chair
                          • Finance Committee – Chris Dole, Chair
                          • Governance Committee – Joe Buczkowski, Ryan Graham, Chair
                          • School Accountability & Advisory, West Campus – Megghan St. Aubyn, Chair
                          • School Accountability & Advisory, East Campus – Misty McCuen, Chair
                          • Building and Facilities – Joe Buczkowski, Chair
                          • Highway 105 Project Committee – Ryan Graham, Megghan St. Aubyn, Chair
                          • Volunteer Committee – Misty McCuen, Lindsay Clinton, Chair
                          • Resource Development Committee – Megghan St. Aubyn, Chair

                          For information concerning Board Committees and their responsibilities click:  Board Committees Information

                          How to Contact the Board

                          Questions and Comments for the Monument Academy Board of Directors may be e-mailed to: