Board Members and Committees

    Melanie Strop


        Megghan St. Aubyn

        Vice President

            Ryan Graham


                Chris Dole

                SAAC Chair - West

                    Misty McCuen

                    Secretary, SAAC Chair - East

                      The MA Board conducts much of its work through authorized committees of which are assigned a Board member as the committee  liaison.  Currently, the Board has authorized the following committees:

                      • Curriculum Committee – Megghan St. Aubyn, Chair
                      • Finance Committee – Ryan Graham, Chair
                      • Governance Committee – Melanie Strop & Ryan Graham, Chair
                      • School Accountability & Advisory, West Campus Chair – Chris Dole
                      • School Accountability & Advisory, East Campus Chair – Misty McCuen
                      • Resource Development
                      • Building and Facilities

                      For information concerning Board Committees and their responsibilities click:  Board Committees Information

                      How to Contact the Board

                      Questions and Comments for the Monument Academy Board of Directors may be e-mailed to:



                      Board Candidates 2021

                      Joe Buczkowski

                      My name is Joe Buczkowski, and I would like to serve on the Monument Academy Board of Directors. I am a parent of three wonderful MA students.  I believe I would be a strong asset to the Board of Directors because of my professional experience, my history of involvement with MA and education, and my willingness to be a team player and servant leader.  As a licensed attorney and business owner, I have a strong background in law and business. I own my own online company, which I founded in 2010. It is a nationwide award-winning property management software platform. My legal expertise includes real estate law, electronic banking law, and corporate governance. My technical expertise includes code architecture, server and database management, and data security and privacy. I am an experienced full-stack web developer.  Prior to owning my business, I worked in real estate development lending and multifamily real estate development. During that time, I served as an officer and board member of small real estate companies. My degrees include a JD/MBA and a BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I have been extremely involved in MA and the education of young people. At MA I have chaperoned numerous field trips, volunteered in many core knowledge days and classroom events, and served on the Governance Committee. I have also served as a head soccer and baseball coach for Palmer Divide Soccer Club, the YMCA, and Tri-Lakes Little League for a combined 15 seasons! I have served as an assistant coach on teams as well.  Few people in MA know that I was an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business, where I taught for seven years and had well over 1,000 students! My classes included Entrepreneurial Finance, Applied Finance, and Financial Markets and Institutions. I really enjoyed teaching college students.  Charter schools are vital to education because they welcome parental input and provide a competitive choice that ultimately benefits all students. If elected, I would work to protect MA’s rights as a charter school. I would also work to grow MA through strategic online marketing, which would also help expand educational offerings. Additionally, I would work to improve the compensation of our teachers over time and secure the resources and technology they need.  I believe I have the personality that would be helpful to the Board of Directors. I am a team player, I have a lot of energy, and I am here to serve. I am from Monument and I graduated from Lewis-Palmer High School. I want to see MA continue to grow its tradition of excellence, and I would like this area to continue to be one of the best places to raise a family.

                      MA Candidate Questionnaire: Joe Buczkowski

                      Lindsay Clinton

                      I am honored to be considered for a position on the Monument Academy Board. I am the proud parent of two MA students. We have been a part of the MA family for the last 5 years and have had the pleasure of watching our children thrive and develop a true love of learning. My desire to join the Board has everything to do with the experience my children have had, and the values placed on a classical education. I also value the way in which the school is responsive to parent input, concerns, and involvement. As a board member, I would work to ensure that I am an active conduit for communication between the shareholders and the school. It is our ability to work together that makes us such a great school family. I pride myself on being a solid team member, someone that excels in brainstorming and creativity, and enjoys being active and involved. Whenever possible, I have volunteered to support the teachers and staff at MA. This year I am a room mom for my son’s kindergarten class. While helping in person has not been possible like previous years, I have found ways to support the teachers by organizing parents to help prep crafts, games, and food. I organized crafts and parent involvement for 4 classrooms as part of a community outreach event to provide beautiful student artwork for two area senior citizen living centers. I spent the last 3 years on the leadership team for Tri-Lakes MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) & MomsNext. The last 2 years I was blessed to act as a co-coordinator leading this local group of 40-60 women. Prior to that, I spent time volunteering as a Key Spouse for my husband’s Air Force Squadron and on the Spouse Boards at Yokota Air Force Base and Little Rock Air Force Base. Positions in these organizations helped foster my love of connecting people, supporting important causes, planning events, and working to improve the lives of those that serve and their families. This last year has truly tested the decision-making skills and creativity of those that sit on the MA Board and work for the school. I have been consistently impressed in the ways that they have managed to find solutions when handed ever-changing conditions but also holding firm to the values and needs of the students, staff, and parents. The positive momentum of the current board is why I feel very much called to offer my time and abilities to ensure this direction continues. While continuing to be a leader amongst the charter schools in our state, I would focus on listening to parents, teachers, and administration for the health and growth of our West and East campuses. I want to see our MA High School graduates amongst the top for competing at college admissions and scholarship opportunities. And lastly, part of my vision for MA is to continue to find ways to build partnerships within our community and the traditional public schools. We can be a leader in education and also build solid relationships with the other school choice options around us. Continuing to increase the positive reputation we have in our community will help attract new families to our school and ensure we see a solid future for both campuses. Thank you for your consideration.

                      MA Candidate Questionnaire: Lindsay Clinton

                      Dayman Tiffany

                      One of our most important responsibilities as parents is the education of our children, a responsibility we take seriously in raising the next generation of service-minded leaders. I believe the job of any great school, like Monument Academy, is to come along-side parents and support this process. The teachers at MA do a great job of interacting with students and communicating with parents, and we should provide them the tools they need to continue the outstanding job they are already doing. My wife, Heather, and I chose to relocate to the Colorado Springs area in 2018 and open a local business after 24 years of service as an officer in the United States Air Force. We have been blessed to raise our family all over the US, in Japan and Germany, and there is no place we would rather live. Our family loves being part of Monument Academy, and we are so excited to support other parents dedicated to an excellent education. As a board member my guiding principles would be: 1) parental involvement in education decisions, 2) local control of schools, 3) open discussions with parents about curriculum, 4) education emphasizing solid reading, purposeful writing, and math competency, 5) commitment to teaching America’s exceptional history founded on the principles of liberty, equality under the law, limited government and individual responsibility, and 6) continuing and protecting male/female distinction in athletics.

                      MA Candidate Questionnaire: Dayman Tiffany