Monument Academy, under its charter with District 38, may use any or all of the published policies of the District unless it chooses to create its own specific policies.  Below are those policies which have been approved by the Board and are currently active:

MA Board Bylaws

1500A Board of Directors Governance Policy (Feb 2021)

1500B Chief Operating Officer (Feb 2021)

1500C Chief Financial Officer (Feb 2021)

1501ES Uniform Policy (Jan 2022)

1501MS Uniform Policy (Jan 2022)

1501HS Dress Code (Mar 2020)

1511 Admission Policy (Feb 2021)

1512 Open Records Request Policy (Oct 2021)

1513 Staff File Access Policy (Feb 2021)

1514A MA Board Code of Conduct Policy (Feb 2021)

1515 Teacher Representative to the Board Policy (Mar 2021)

1516 Personal and Property Search Policy (Mar 2021)

1517 Internet Use Policy (Mar 2021)

1518A Staff Grievance and Conflict Resolution Policy (Sep 2020)

1518B Student/Family Conflict Resolution Policy (Jun 2017)

1519 Advertising Policy (May 2021)

1520 Public Comment to the Board Policy (Mar 2018)

1521 Student Fees Policy (May 2021)

1522 Donating to Monument Academy (May 2021)

1523 Class Size Policy (May 2021)

1524 Longevity Bonus Pay (Feb 2015)

1525 State Assessments Refusal Policy (Mar 2021)

1526 State Assessments Administrative Policy (Mar 2021)

1527 Student Retention Policy (Sep 2020)

1528 Homebound Instruction Policy (May 2021)

1529 Nonsmokeable Marijuana Administration Policy (Jun 2018)

1530 Parent Notification of Alleged Criminal Conduct by a School Employee (Oct 2018)

You may find Lewis Palmer School District policies on the LPSD D38 website.