Strategic Plan & Historical Growth

The Board approved a revision of the school’s strategic plan on January 14, 2016.  The stated mission of Monument Academy is to provide a challenging, content – rich, academic program offered within an engaging, caring, and positive learning environment.  Established on a solid foundation of knowledge, Monument Academy emphasizes academic excellence, respect, responsibility, character and exemplary citizenship.  Its vision is to provide top quality academic and individual development opportunities for our students through a collegial atmosphere of learning to ensure Monument Academy is a premiere institution of learning in Colorado.  Traditionally, the Board reviews, modifies and updates the strategic plan every two years or as needed.  To view the complete strategic plan click: Monument Academy Strategic Plan

In order for any strategic plan to be meaningful, the goals of that plan should be measurable and the progress towards those goals documented.  The Board is in the process of developing meaningful and measurable outcomes for each of the Monument Academy Strategic Plan’s Goals.  As each measurement is approved by the Board, it will be posted below.  Click on the link below to view each goal and its metric:

Academic Excellence Goal

Character Emphasis Goal

Financial Stability Performance Goal

Sustainability Capacity Management Goal

Operational Stability Goal

Historical Growth

Information concerning Monument Academy’s growth since the 2007/2008 school year. The data provided includes the per pupil revenue, total number of Full-Time Equivalents (our student count) and the average number of students per class.  To view MA’s historical growth click: 2018 Growth