Lindsey Lokowich


Phone: 481-1950 x1121

Mrs. Lokowich was born and raised in the state of Louisiana, so her y’all is truly authentic.  She attended Louisiana Tech University and received a BS in Finance as well as a MBA.  She worked for several years for JP Morgan Chase Bank and then had the opportunity to be a stay at home mom when her twins were born.  In addition to the twins, she and her husband, Luke, have a daughter who is attending UNC in Greeley.  When her husband retired from the military three years ago, they chose to make Colorado their home after 7 military assignments.  Mrs. Lokowich began working at Monument Academy in 2016.  She has served as an ESS para and two years as the second grade para.  Mrs. Lokowich is also a sports enthusiast!  She loves watching her kids play sports, and you can often find her sporting purple and gold during college football season – Go Tigers!