Mission Statement

Our mission in athletics is to teach students about the importance of discipline, hard work, and commitment.  This is accomplished through daily structured practice with attention to fundamentals and details.  The Athletics program is directed so that the welfare of all students will be the primary concern.  Fundamental emphasis shall be placed on the philosophy that athletic activities are an extension of the educational program, and are justifiable only to the extent that they are desirable learning experiences.

Sportsmanship will be the top priority of Lynx Athletics.  Commitment to fair play, integrity, and genuine empathy for others must be taught and practiced if we are to make a difference.  Athletics assist in the development of fellowship and goodwill.  Athletics will play an important role in developing a healthy self-image, as well as a healthy body.  Athletics will also contribute to school/community spirit and pride.  Lynx Athletics promotes the concept of winning, while inspiring development of athletic skill for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student athletes.  This concept allows successful transition of the student athlete to high school sports.


Available Athletic Programs

Program: Season Dates 2016/2017: More Information:
Cheerleading: Entire School Year Click Here
Football: August 8th – October 5th Click Here
Volleyball August 15th – October 7th Click Here
Cross Country: August 15th – October 22nd Click Here
Boys Soccer: August 15th – October 5th Click here
Boys Basketball: October 10th – December 9th Click Here
Girls Basketball: December 12th – February 17th Click here
Track and Field: March 20th – May 12th Click here
Girls Soccer: March 20th – May 12th Click here


Student Athletic Handbook

Parents and students wishing to participate in Monument Academy Athletics are required to read and sign the Student Athletic Handbook.  The Student Athletic Handbook contains information regarding:


Required Athletic Forms  (Available for download in PDF format)

Parents and students participating in Monument Academy Athletics must complete and return all necessary forms in order to participate.  Forms that Monument Academy requires are available to download as a PDF file below. Please complete, and return to your head coach, the front desk at Monument Academy, or the Athletic Director. No athlete will be allowed to participate in any school sponsored athletics programs, in any capacity, until all forms are completed, and submitted.

Helpful Notes:
You can use any qualified doctor as the source for your sports physical, and many urgent care facilities will provide them for you without an appointment, and for a reasonable fee. Participation in athletics is not possible without a physical that has been completed within the last year.


Concussion Baseline Evaluation

Concussion awareness in athletics has improved over the years as more people begin to realize the seriousness of such injuries. Monument Academy has a concussion protocol that follows recommendations of the CDC. In addition to this protocol, the Colorado Springs Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center offers a Concussion Baseline Testing service as an aid to diagnose concussions, and evaluate the progress of an athlete that has suffered a concussion. If you would be interested in this type of service for your athlete, please contact the Athletic Director at email, visit, or click on the link below:


Game Day Attire / Athletic Spirit Wear & Orders

Game uniforms/jerseys may be worn on the day of an athletic event. Students must wear either uniform attire, or a white shirt underneath jerseys and uniforms. Monument Academy approved Spirit Wear can be worn on MA Spirit Wear days only. Athletes can order MA approved Athletic Spirit Wear at the following link:


Coaches Needed:

Good coaches are a vehicle by which our children learn the life and athletic skills necessary to grow.  Often our coaches are also parents of children that attend Monument Academy, and as they grow up and move on, so do some of our coaches.  Occasionally we will have openings for those that are interested in coaching. If you might have interest in coaching one of our sports, please contact the Athletic Director via e-mail at



Contact the Athletic Director at 719-481-1950, ext “0”, or via email