Monument Academy Athletic Spiritwear Store

Athletic spiritwear will be available at the beginning of each athletic season. The store remains open for a couple of weeks while orders are placed. Delivery of orders to Monument Academy will occur within a week or 2 after the store closes. Communications will be sent to team members at the beginning of each season.

New items will appear for different programs as their seasons approach, see below for current offerings!

CCAL & Jr. Lynx Girls Basketball
Open Through Sunday, 12/22/19 at 11:59 PM
Basketball Spiritwear Store

Online Athletic Registration & Forms

Parents of student-athletes participating in Monument Academy Athletics must complete and submit all necessary forms and documentation. Forms that Monument Academy requires are submitted online. You may register for athletic programs by clicking on the link below:

Some CCAL programs hold tryouts, and cuts may be necessary for these programs. You do NOT need to register/pay before tryouts have concluded and teams are chosen, but you must either have a valid athletic physical on file with us, or present a copy of a valid athletic physical in order to participate in tryouts. If you do not have a valid athletic physical on file with us, simply bring a copy to the first day of tryouts. Physicals are valid for 1 calendar year from the date of examination. More information about the CCAL program can be found in the Student-Athlete Handbook. A link to a blank, athletic physical form can be found below:

Athletic Physical Form

Student-athletes will not be allowed to participate in any Monument Academy athletic programs without a completed registration including all necessary documents, releases and payment.

Helpful Notes:
You can use any qualified doctor as the source for your sports physical, and many urgent care facilities will provide them for you without an appointment, and for a reasonable fee. Participation in CCAL Athletic Programs (including tryouts) is not possible without a physical that has been completed within the last year.

Mission Statement

• Our mission in athletics is to teach student-athletes both the fundamental skills necessary to be better athletes, and the fundamental character traits necessary to be better people. Sportsmanship will be the top priority of Lynx Athletics, and an expectation of all coaches, student-athletes, and parents!

Athletic programs are a natural infrastructure for the development of the character traits we value here at Monument Academy. We will focus as much on teaching our student-athletes good character as we will teaching them the technical skills necessary to compete in their respective athletic programs. We have partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance to develop better athletes, and better people. Our coaches will work diligently to create this culture in all of our programs. Please see this video clip to gain a better understanding of the culture we are trying to implement here at Monument Academy!

Available Athletic Programs

CCAL Program:
Monument Academy is a full member school in the Central Colorado Athletic League (CCAL), and will directly support the participation of student-athletes in this program. CCAL provides a competitive environment with a playoff structure for a school’s A-Team. Competitive events are also held for a school’s B-Team, but the league does not keep a record of season standings, and there is no playoff structure. CCAL Programs are offered to all 7th and 8th grade student-athletes, with limited programs available to 6th grade student-athletes. 5th grade student-athletes may participate in competitive chess. More information can be found in the Student-Athlete Handbook

CCAL Program: 2019-2020 Season Dates: More Information:
Basketball – Boys October 7th – December 6th Click Here
Basketball – Girls December 9th – February 14th Click here
Cheerleading August – February Click Here
Chess September – February Click Here
Cross Country August 12th – September 27th (Post CCAL Meets Until State 10/19) Click Here
Football August 6th – October 3rd Click Here
Matchwits TBD Click Here
Soccer – Girls March 17th – May 9th Click here
Track and Field March 17th – May 10th (Optional Workouts Begin Late February) Click here
Volleyball – Girls August 12th – October 11th Click Here

Junior Lynx Program:
Monument Academy will indirectly support competitive programs for our 5th and 6th grade student-athletes. We may need to limit the number of participants on Junior Lynx teams depending on the turnout for each program, and the number of available coaches. If there are more student-athletes interested in participating than we have resources to accommodate we will hold tryouts. Monument Academy will facilitate arranging program coaches, assembling Junior Lynx school teams, and entering them into appropriate, grade level competitive leagues hosted by outside organizations. Competitive events may be held during the week, and on Saturdays. More information can be found in the Student-Athlete Handbook

Junior Lynx Program: 2019-2020 Season Dates: More Information:
Basketball – Boys October 21st – December 14th Click Here
Basketball – Girls January 6th – March 8th Click here
Volleyball – Girls August 26th – October 12th Click Here
Poms – Girls TBD Click Here

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for an athletic program is loosely a 3-step process.

1. We announce to the students in school that programs are coming up, and that there are sign-up sheets available for them to put their names on if they think they might be interested.

2. Based on the sign-up sheets, Monument Academy coaches will contact parents of those students to introduce themselves.

3. Finally, should the parents agree with the student choices, they can register for a program online.

For early fall programs, student-athletes place their names on the sign-up sheets before the end of the previous school year, the coaches communicate with the parents during the summer, and optional summer workouts are held for some programs. We are now accepting registrations online for early fall programs. If a student is new to the school, or has only recently decided that they are interested in participating in one of our programs there is NO PROBLEM, this is typical at the beginning of a new school year! Simply visit the specific program of interest on our website by visiting, hovering your mouse pointer over the “MA Athletics” tab and selecting the program you are interested in.

You will find contact information for the head coach on each program’s landing page. Simply send the coach an e-mail alerting them to your interest, and show up on the first day of practice/tryouts with a completed online registration, or a valid athletic physical in hand! For programs that do not hold tryouts, late arrivals are OK, but there are situations where a certain number of practice sessions must be attended before a student-athlete can compete. Contact the Athletic Director.

Student-Athlete Handbook

Parents and students wishing to participate in Monument Academy Athletics are required to read and sign the Student-Athlete Handbook.  The Student-Athlete Handbook contains information regarding:

Parents, for a light-hearted look at a serious issue, please watch this short video clip from our partners at the Positive Coaching Alliance!



Concussion Baseline Evaluation

Concussion awareness in athletics has improved over the years as more people begin to realize the seriousness of such injuries. Monument Academy has a concussion protocol that follows recommendations of the CDC. In addition to this protocol, Performance Pediatrics at the Human Performance Rehabilitation Center offers a Concussion Baseline Testing service as an aid to diagnose concussions, and evaluate the progress of an athlete that has suffered a concussion. If you would be interested in this type of service for your athlete, please visit to schedule a screening.

Game Day Attire / Athletic Spirit Wear & Orders

Game uniforms/jerseys that are appropriate for the school day may be worn on the day of an athletic event. In the case of a weekend event, game uniforms/jerseys may be worn on Friday. Some athletic uniforms require students to wear uniform attire or a white shirt underneath, others may require a school supplied program jacket to be worn over athletic uniforms. Monument Academy approved athletic spirit wear can be worn on MA spirit wear days only; program jackets can be work anytime.

Coaches Needed:

Good coaches are a vehicle by which our children learn the life and athletic skills necessary to grow.  Often our coaches are also parents of children that attend Monument Academy, and as they grow up and move on, so do some of our coaches.  Occasionally we will have openings for those that are interested in coaching. If you might have interest in coaching one of our sports, please contact the Athletic Director via e-mail.


Contact the Athletic Director at 719-481-1950, ext “1227”, or via e-mail.