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Greetings from the Monument Academy PTO.

The PTO is a strong and growing organization at Monument Academy. We work with the school administration, teachers and families to enhance all aspects of the school. The PTO supports teachers through our Annual Teacher Grants, Room Mom program, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Staff Luncheons. We support families and students through our Friday Snack program, School Supply kits, Summer Workbooks, Spirit Wear Store, and Used Uniform Swaps. The PTO also sponsors the annual Boohoo Breakfast on the first day of school for kindergarten parents, the holiday Craft Fair, and Earth Day campus clean up. Additional fundraising comes through BoxTops collections, MA restaurant nights and the coveted parking spot auction.

We invite you to look over our calendar of events, volunteer opportunities, and programs. We are always looking for new energy, ideas and help from our wonderful parents. Thank you for helping make Monument Academy a school of excellence. And thank you for your interest in the Monument Academy PTO. Please contact me or any other PTO members with questions or support. You can also find us on the Monument Academy PTO page on Facebook.

Lisa Rogers
PTO President ’18 – ’19


The PTO is installing a commemorative brick pathway outside the main school entrance.  The bricks can be engraved with a student, family, or business name.  To sponsor a brick please complete this form and submit it to the front office along with your $150.00 minimum donation check. The PTO will contact brick sponsors to confirm the commemorative brick design. Click here to download the form.


We are all too familiar with the safety concerns that come with carline. We all wonder “Why don’t they …?” This subject was brought up at the recent PTO meeting and here is the current information. Monument Academy administration has been consistently fighting for carline safety behind the scenes. Any changes made to 105 is a decision made by El Paso County. Every safety measure that has been thought of (ranging from a stop light to a reduction in speed) has been researched and asked for to no avail. There will be improvements to 105 in time, until then, we are all responsible to keep carline as safe as possible.

For those who park at the church, please do so safely. If you arrive and are planning on making a turn into the church, but there are cars waiting in the turn lanes on 105, you have 2 LEGAL choices. Passing a car waiting in one of the turn lanes on 105 to access the parking lot is not only illegal, but dangerous! You can either get in line and wait or use the west entrance before 3pm and access the parking lot safely. We are all busy, but if we all work together with a little patience and grace, carline can be as safe as possible.

The Monument Academy PTO has started a carline safety committee. One of the strategies we will be using is a game camera strategically placed at the intersection by the church. Our intention with this motion activated camera is threefold. First and foremost is prevention of illegal and unsafe driving. Second, is to be able to identity those being unsafe so that they may be counseled and or reported to the El Paso County Sheriff’s office. Third,  is to provide evidence and information to El Paso county hoping to have changes made to Hwy 105.

Upcoming PTO Meetings

1/17 – General PTO meeting 6:30pm MPR
2/15 – Staff Appreciation Lunch
3/14 – General PTO meeting 10am Wesley Owens
4/12 – Staff appreciation lunch
4/29-5/3 – Reserved parking spot auction
5/6 – General PTO Meeting 6:30pm MPR
5/8 – General PTO Meeting 8:30am Wesley Owens

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About Volunteering

Monument Academy requests our parents volunteer a total of 16 hours per family per semester (32 hours per school year). Your service to the PTO counts! Any parent who volunteers at school must sign in and out at the MA front office. This automatically logs volunteer hours performed at school. If you do volunteer work outside of school (shopping, making something for an event, helping with teacher projects, etc.), keep track of your hours and e-mail them to the PTO to have them recorded. MA uses the volunteer hours to apply for grants, as well as sharing this information with the MA bondholders and Board of Trustees.