Teacher/Staff Appreciation Ideas

In appreciation for all the things our staff does to make Monument Academy such a wonderful school, the PTO has collected information through a survey to find what our staff would appreciate as a thank you from parents, volunteers and other staff members.  If you wish to thank a staff member for making Monument Academy great, click on the staff member’s name* below for appreciation ideas:


April Crews

Becky Clabaugh

Christine Hopkins

Kate Gosling

Kelli Rankin

April Reish

Sarah Hall

Skye Derge

Trixie Roy

Victoria Ryan



Deborah Hulting

Jodie Neher

Joy Maddox

Lori Smith

Michelle Rahalewich

Sandy Ward

Vanessa Miller


1st Grade

Tammy Trego

Laura Barrette

Willa Pendleton


2nd Grade

Kelly Sigfrids

Kyle Hall

Kelli Beerer

Krystina DiFabio


3rd Grade

April Heidrich

Britany Blair

Paula Knepper


4th Grade

Carol Thomas

Andrea Dickey

Marissa Seabolt

Yvette Throgmorton

Sandy Coyne


5th Grade

Dana Caplinger

Eric Hutto

Kate Heinz

Ragan Sasaki

Rachel McCreedy

Pam Clifford

Alison Prouty


Middle School

Bo Kemble

Christopher Menefee

Christy Inama

Collin Vinchattle

Desiree Floyd

Eric Rocciola

Ginny Gibney

Howard Bonser

Karl Brown

Natalie Chabot

Nathan Piotrowski

Richard Hart

Sergio de Lourenco

Tom Herndon

Kim McKenna


Elementary Specials

Anna Vroom

Cristin Patterson

Elizabeth Weber

Pam Piper

Kelly Collier

Pam Cassady

Suzy Benz

Rebeca Novotny



ESS and Literacy

Allison Wise

Audra Koning

Jessica Coote

Sandra Wood



Chandy Buckingham

Janice Latendresse

Julie Ritschard

Julie Seymour




*Not all staff members completed a PTO Survey