Welcome to the Monument Academy PTO. We work in concert with the administration, teachers, and staff to enhance every aspect of our school. We invite you to look over our calendar of events, volunteer opportunities, and programs. We are always looking for new energy, ideas, and help from our wonderful parents.

To help you get to know us just a little bit, here are a few ideas of what we do.

• Used Uniform Swaps
• Room parents
• Friday snack programs
• Summer workbooks
• Box Tops
• Teacher appreciation
• Staff Appreciation

• Fun Run
• Support Core Knowledge days
• Student Craft Fair
• Summer Party
• Library Support time
• Restaurant Nights
• Bulletin Boards
• Parking Spot Auction
• And more!

This year we are especially excited to introduce the new MA East PTO serving our middle school and high school students and staff in the new east campus building. Please contact us with any questions or to volunteer. Our direct contact information can be found under our respective tabs above.

You can also find us on facebook at:
• (West Campus)
• (East Campus)

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the parent-run Monument Academy Facebook groups at:
• (West Campus) and
• (East Campus)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kim Kays
PTO President
Monument Academy

Tanja Curtis
PTO President
Monument Academy East


Parent Involvement

Monument Academy parents volunteer within the school in various capacities. Monument Academy requests our parents volunteer a total of 16 hours per family per semester (32 hours per school year). Hours spent outside of school (shopping, making something for an event, helping with teacher projects, etc.), count toward total hours. Thank you for donating your time and talents for our Monument Academy community.