Volunteer at Monument Academy

Thank you for volunteering at Monument Academy! While school is closed, we still appreciate your wish to volunteer!

The Administrative Team has been brainstorming ways that we as a school community can facilitate a platform for the communication of needs.  We are creating an email sign up for people willing to receive communications and a form for people who wish to communicate a need.  The idea is to resemble an old-time town hall forum to take care of our community members without the face-to-face group meetings.  So, as an example, my husband and I keep baby items for when the grandbaby visits.  If there was a mom out there in short supply of formula, we could drop it on her porch… We have a community with generous hearts who wish to care for one another but the necessary isolation and limiting person-to-person contact make this difficult.  It is our hope that this platform will be one venue for helping to facilitate the support of one another. For instructions on how to sign up for this, please refer to information included in this week’s Lynx News.