Mission and Vision

The Monument Academy Speech and Debate Program will prepare students for speech and debate competitions offered by several forensics organizations. Students will meet after school once per week to prepare speeches for competitions throughout the year. Our MA Speech and Debate Program will consider all competitive opportunities in our region, as well as offer exceptional competitors a pathway to regional and national tournaments.

Monument Academy Speech and Debate Program

What Is Speech and Debate?

“Speech and debate” is the catch-all term for competitive forensic events. These events are categories offered in tournaments, and the rules are outlined by various leagues and organizations. The MA Speech and Debate Program works with students to prepare for these events, and we participate in the tournaments that best suit our program.

Why Speech and Debate?

The benefits of speech and debate are easy to see. Students prepare speeches and engage in peaceful, rhetorical debates that build the most important learning skills related to MA’s core learning goals. Research skills, critical thinking, persuasion, logic and reasoning, communication, and much more are some of the educational growing opportunities offered in the MA Speech and Debate Program.

These skills are taught throughout the standard MA curriculum, but the element of competition inherent in speech and debate draws students into enjoying their development in these skills. Students naturally desire to learn and grow. Why? Because they will do better in competition and win awards for their learning. The more they grow, the more they win, and academic excellence is the natural result.

What Is the Commitment?

Students are expected to prepare for competitions, and parents (or older siblings) are expected to help judge at the tournaments we compete. Extra participation in co-coaching is also encouraged, and Mr. Jeub will offer training to parents/older-siblings that are able to help. Carpooling and travel options will be arranged with parents and coaches.


Each tournament is a competitive opportunity, and a minimum of TWO opportunities are required to complete the MA Speech and Debate Program. Mr. Jeub will announce tournaments on the team calendar, located on the special Canvas club for Speech and Debate. Once a tournament is announced, students will be expected to make preparations accordingly to maximize their competitive opportunity. A general overview of the year is:

    • Preseason (Sept-Nov): Mr. Jeub will teach students the various events that will become available throughout the year. Speech students select and prepare speech pieces, and debaters study the various debate resolutions.
    • Competitions (Dec-Feb): Competitions are offered and students register as available. Pieces are coached and scrimmages keep students ready for success.
    • Qualifiers (Mar-Apr): Some final tournaments are offered, advancing exceptional students to regional and national tournaments.
    • Nationals (May-June): The best speakers and debaters in the MA Speech and Debate Program advance to national tournaments that are offered at the end of the year.


Monument Academy will provide all instructional material and Mr. Jeub will administer the MA Speech and Debate Program. Additional expenses for competitors include:

    • A general non-refundable fee of $60 is required
    • Purchase of suits or professional attire for competitions.
    • Transportation to/from tournaments.
    • Lodging for any overnight tournaments.
    • Registration fees for the events at the tournaments.
    • Yearly membership fees for leagues and organizations.
    • Judging fees if a student is unable to provide an accompanying judge at a tournament.

Students who have a desire to participate but whose family struggles financially may request for financial assistance by expressing their need to Mr. Jeub. Financial help may be available.

What Is the “Entry-Level” Commitment?

Participation in at least TWO of the CHSSA tournaments is required of all MA students. These are all-day Saturday commitments, dates yet to be determined. Roughly:

  1. December at Woodland Park Middle School
  2. January at Eagleview Middle School
  3. February at Lewis Palmer Middle School
  4. February at Monument Academy (here!!!)

Students will choose either one or two events to compete in. Mr. Jeub will start the year off by introducing all of the events to students. Club time will be dedicated to training individual students to compete in the events they choose or are assigned to. The events offered will be:

  1. Interpretation of Drama
  2. Interpretation of Humor
  3. Duet Acting- Serious
  4. Original Oratory
  5. Storytelling
  6. Impromptu Speaking*
  7. Extemporaneous Speaking*
  8. Solo Acting
  9. Interpretation of Poetry
  10. Reader’s Theater
  11. Duet Acting- Humorous
  12. Creative Storytelling

*At least one of these events are required of debate students.

What Are “Advanced” Opportunities?

There are other opportunities that MA students can take advantage of.

Denver Debate Tournaments
The Colorado Springs tournaments listed above does not have “debate” (extemporaneous speaking is the closest they get to debate).

NSDA Nationals
The 2020 National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament will be in Albuquerque, NM, June 14-19. Mr. Jeub and participating parents will be taking the top competitors to compete.

CHSSA Debate
The Colorado Springs tournaments listed above does not have “debate” (extemporaneous speaking is the closest they get to debate). There are tournaments in Denver that Monument Academy could participate, but they require more commitment and more finances. If enough interest builds through the year, Monument Academy will lead CHSSA’s new debate program and host a tournament for NSDA’s debate resolutions. Speech students competing in Impromptu Speaking and/or Extemporaneous Speaking will be encouraged to join in this opportunity. Exceptional student winners will be invited to attend NSDA Nationals in Albuquerque in June.