Monument Academy Technology Philosophy

At Monument Academy we believe the integration of technology into our classical curriculum serves to support and enhance our students’ learning. We are purposeful and careful in our planning and understand that it is not about the technology itself but rather how we use it to enrich the learning process.  Our program allows us to put educational materials from a variety of sources into every student’s hands and support significant components of learning: active engagement, group participation, multiple ways to learn, frequent feedback and reinforcement, and connection to experts in the real-world. The use of technology as a learning tool helps our students to take responsibility for their learning and to become creators and critical thinkers. We work to ensure that our students know how and when to use technology and are able to use these tools safely and wisely. It is our goal to provide our students access to appropriate technology tools as they progress academically in the classroom and to inspire and prepare them for their future in our modern world. 

Our staff in the MA Tech Department:

Patricia Ross
IT Operations Manager
Ext: 1215
Beth Weber
Tech Resource & Integration Teacher
Ext: 1515
Melissa Johnson
Middle School Tech Teacher
Ext: 1108

Canvas Parent Account Information

Creating a Canvas parent account using the web and the app

We highly recommend creating accounts and adding students on the website. It will all work on the app once it is set up, but account creation and setup is difficult and not always possible on the app.

Once you have created an account, you will receive a confirmation email from Instructure. Follow these steps to finish the registration process:

  1. Log into the Canvas website on a desktop.
  2. Open the confirmation email on the same desktop.
  3. Click the link to finish registration.

Generating a pairing code

Recommended notification settings for parents for the website and the app

Mobile App Guides

Observer Guide

Securly Parent Portal

Starting in the 2018-19 school year, we will be opening the Securly Parent Portal for parents of Middle School students to view their student’s online activity.

Securly Parent Portal Information Flier

Securly Parent Portal FAQs