Handbook and Forms

The Monument Academy Student/Parent Handbook summarizes the policies, guidelines, and procedures that will help our school operate efficiently and safely while holding fast to our school’s community values. It is very important to the Monument Academy Board of Directors, administration, teachers, and staff that our students learn in a safe, supportive environment. Please take time to familiarize yourself with this handbook and refer to it in the future when you have any questions.

Student Handbook 19-20 (Google Doc, current)
Student Handbook 19-20 (PDF, updated 8/29/19)

Uniform Policies

Elementary School Uniform Policy (BoD Policy 1501ES)
Middle School Uniform Policy (BoD Policy 1501MS)
High School Dress Code (BoD Policy 1501HS)

Each student is required to have a signed acknowledgement page stating they have read, understand and agree to the policies stated herein. Please complete and sign the Parent/Student Letter of Agreement.  You may print this document after you click on: Parent/Student Handbook Letter of Agreement

Additional Forms