Second Grade



Mrs. Cooke
Room 113


Mrs. LoBosco
Room 119, Lead


Mrs. Lokowich
Room 121


Ms. Maddox
Room 115


Ms. Adams


The second grade team works together to educate the whole child and prepare them to be 21st century learners and problem solvers.

1st Quarter

Math: comparing numbers to 1,ooo, addition fact fluency, creating and reading patterns, identifying polygons, exploring “half” of a set, and the relationship between addition and subtraction
ELA: reading and understanding decodable text, understanding nonfiction/information text, learning and applying grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words, using and producing complete, simple and compound sentences orally and in writing
History/Social Studies: fairy tales and tall tales, early Asian civilizations, and the ancient Greek civilization

2nd Quarter

Math: attributes of lines and exploring length, naming and writing fractions, using graphs to represent data, using a number line to show computation and addition problems
ELA: asking and answering questions to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text, recount stories to determine the central message, lesson, or moral of a story. We will work to describe overall story structure, know and apply phonics skills to decode words, read grade-level text with purpose and understanding
Science: cycles found in nature.
History/Social Studies: Greek myths and the War of 1812

3rd Quarter

Math: concepts of time and understanding when and how to use the labels of a.m. and p.m. to describe times of the day, problem solving strategies, including Looking for a Pattern, Drawing a Picture,and Acting Out a Problem, mental computation skills, gain an understanding of capacity, compare numbers, the subtraction algorithm, estimation and exploring area
ELA: introducing spelling alternatives for vowel sounds, knowing and applying grade-level phonics and decoding skills and identifying words with inconsistent but common spelling-sound correspondences. Students will work towards reading with accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. We will focus on writing narratives as well.
Science: Insects
History/Social Studies: westward expansion and the U.S. Civil War
Field Trip & Special Activities: Four Mile Historic Park, Pioneer Day

4th Quarter

Math: identifying 3-dimensional shapes, multiplication, modeling problem solving situations relating to multiplication and division, pictographs and bar graphs, division, mode and range, along with graphing data
ELA: several new spelling alternatives for vowel and consonant sounds as well as decodable text. Students will also write informative texts.
Science: human body and nutrition
History/Social Studies: immigration and the history of the civil rights movement